Article Index to the Jody Raines / Camden County (NJ) Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga

camden-county-prosecutor-logoThe Index to Defiantly’s Articles regarding the Jody Raines / Camden County (NJ) Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga.

Brief Summary: The legal saga began in 2011 with a professional relationship between Jody Raines and Bruce Aristeo that evolved into a short-lived personal relationship. After their breakup months later and unresolved disputes, Bruce filed a civil lawsuit against Jody allegedly over unpaid work he had done for her. In retaliation, Jody allegedly initiated a series of accusations against Bruce resulting in a flurry of legal actions filed in both directions by both parties that included civil lawsuits and requests for restraining orders on the other.

Because of the multiple legal actions taken against each other in both directions, an effort to resolve matters was made. Bruce agreed to an “indefinite” temporary restraining order (TRO) in exchange for all outstanding legal matters to be dropped. However, Bruce alleges that his agreement to the “indefinite” TRO came about under questionable and wrongful prosecutorial threats.

Unfortunately for Bruce, once the “indefinite” TRO was in place, it served as an abusive legal instrument for Jody Raines to have Bruce arrested. Bruce made and produced various darkly humorous, satirical, and critical YouTube commentary videos about his legal battles against Jody Raines, her business advice, and her pet dog. He was arrested allegedly in violation of the “indefinite” TRO. He ultimately lost his apartment, his business, and his computer equipment was seized by Camden County prosecutors after the arrest.

Camden County Prosecutors seemed all too eager to prosecute, indict, and punish Bruce for daring to be disagreeable, make written complaints about the Camden County (NJ) judicial system and challenging the legal system. Bruce spent $100,000 (attorney fees and legal-related expenses) over the course of two years attempting to legally fight back.

Needless to say, this is a mere encapsulation of this very large and complicated story. There are many characters in the form of witnesses, lawyers, prosecutors, and public defenders. I have chosen to tackle this legal story one piece at a time, one document at a time. The summary will be enhanced over time.

This index is sorted chronologically in the order it was written beginning November 9, 2015. (Newest articles are at the bottom.)

  1. Jody Raines’ “Indefinite” Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Bruce Aristeo
  2. Camden County’s (NJ) Arrest Warrant for Bruce’s Alleged Violation of the “indefinite” TRO
  3. Bruce Aristeo’s “Inflammatory” Videos of Jody Raines
  4. Camden County’s (NJ) Grand Jury Indictment Against Bruce Aristeo
  5. Talking About Jody Raines’ Pets Can Get Bruce Aristeo Arrested Again
  6. Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office Asset Forfeiture Abuse & Seizure of Bruce Aristeo’s Mac Computer
  7. Bruce Aristeo’s Bail Was Set for $75,000, Sat in Jail 6 Months
  8. Bruce Aristeo’s Timeline of Events with Jody Raines Leading Up to His Wrongful Incarceration
  9. Bruce Aristeo’s Personal Property Seized by Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office
  10. Camden County Prosecutors’ Report of Bruce Aristeo’s Personal Journals
  11. The Ugly Camden County (NJ) Court Order Setting $75,000 Bail for Posting YouTube Videos
  12. Camden County (NJ) Prosecutors Reads, Seeks to Punish Bruce Aristeo
  13. Camden County (NJ) Prosecutors’ Plea Bargain Offers to Bruce Aristeo
  14. April Brown, Author of “Poetic Justice”, Outraged Over Camden County (NJ) Prosecution Over YouTube Videos
  15. Bruce Aristeo’s Early Experience with Camden County Superior Court (Family Division)
  16. The Multiple Arrests of Bruce Aristeo Initiated by Jody Raines

This index will be periodically updated with new entries.


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  1. Irrefutable evidence that Jody Raines is an evil hovering virago who has amassed evil pals around her like the crooked judges, Nan Famuliar, Lee Sodomom, and Frederick Schmuck; and racketeers, Mary Eva “Pepsi” Colalillo, Chrissie “Vito” Auletto, and Tracy Cogaine may be found in the written post-verdict report filed by Raines. The ugly bitch calls it a “victim’s impact statement.”

    She’s a hater, that one.

    Anyone who understands the freedoms the Constitution guarantees to the citizens of the United States would find this atrocity in print impossible to fathom

    The victim in this case, an orgy of bashing the Bill of Rights, is Bruce Aristeo.

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