Attorney Timothy B. McCormack Thinks Phrase “Butt Hurt” is Homophobic & Anti-Gay Smear

Attorney Timothy B. McCormack
Attorney Timothy B. McCormack

On March 4, 2014 on the ELI Forums, I had to write a nonsensical but serious forum post to explain what “butt hurt” meant as it was used in (ELI). Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack, in writing, has made repeated complaints that the ELI community was engaged in “homophobic” and “anti-gay” language with the phrase “butt hurt” in various forum posts.

Of course, it didn’t matter that I personally don’t use that phrase myself except on extremely rare occasions. Of course, Timmy ignores Section 230 of the CDA and wants to try to pin everything that is posted on the ELI Forums as if I was the person who posted them. When I reported and showed the ELI community Timmy’s written complaints, it got a big laugh out of everyone behind-the-scenes and once again showed to us how truly sad and mentally off-base he really is. He is truly an embarrassment to himself, his clients, and the legal profession.

Below is the ELI Forum post I made regarding the ELI community’s use of the phrase “butt hurt”.


True to Timmy’s reality distortion field (Steve Jobs isn’t the only person who had a reality distortion field), Timmy made a written complaint last year about ELI’s usage of the term “butt-hurt” within various forum posts (not by me). It appears his definition vs. ELI’s definition of “butt-hurt” is quite different.

The ELI slang usage of “butt-hurt” was introduced by an ELI Forum user named S.G. 3 years ago and it grew from there.  The usages from the very beginning is consistent with the definition provided here:

As you can see, that term is so common, several websites have listed very similar and consistent definitions of “butt-hurt”.

And do you want to know how Timmy believes ELI users use the word?  He believes ELI users use the word as an “anti-gay smear”. Although he doesn’t explicitly say so, I surmise he believes “butt hurt” is a veiled reference to anal sex practiced by many in the gay community.

I wouldn’t know personally but I would imagine your “butt” would be “hurt” in the process of engaging in anal sex.  Personally, I think Timmy is a “dumb ass” for having even brought it up to begin with.  It makes him like look the joke of a lawyer ELI knows he is.  Ooops…. did I say “dumb ass”?  Do I even need to clarify that the term “dumb ass” has nothing to do with any anti-gay sentiments or any veiled hints of anal sex?

If you are reading this and rolling your eyes, imagine how we felt when this accusation was made in writing last year. We nearly died laughing. We were saying to ourselves, “Is he freaking serious?”.  The answer was “yes”. Timmy was absolutely serious.

That is the type of weirdness that exists within the mind of Timmy Mack.


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