Attorney Timothy B. McCormack’s Preoccupation with “Misogyny”

Attorney Timothy B. McCormack
Attorney Timothy B. McCormack

On March 4, 2014, because of yet another set of written complaints by Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack about (ELI), I was compelled to write yet another nonsensical but also serious ELI forum post explaining how his claims that ELI was engaged in “misogynistic” language and behavior was ridiculous, ludicrous, and outright laughable.

The text of that forum post is shown below and it speaks for itself.


Since last year, Timmy has made accusations that ELI is “misogynistic” or engages in “misogyny”.  Hell, I didn’t even know what the word meant. I’d heard of the word before but never bothered to look it up.

For the benefit of this post, let’s find out what “misogyny” means.

All of them define “misogyny” as the “hatred of women”.

Essentially, Timmy is saying ELI “hates women” or perhaps “degrade women”.  We have a LOT of women clients and readers.  We have women in the ELI Community and in the ELI Volunteer group.  It is true that that most visible people on ELI are men but don’t fool yourself, there are plenty of women supportive and involved with ELI.

Go poke around the ELI Forums.  Are there really posts that go “beating up” or insulting women?  No.  The only women who get insulted on ELI are the very same reasons the men get insulted here on ELI.  They tend to be copyright extortionists or those that engage in hypocritical or extortionistic behavior that demands to be called out.

Timmy likes to share the story of the “Atlanta real estate agent” that I was very snarky, “misogynistic” about, and generally painted in an unflattering light.  What he won’t say is that Atlanta real estate agent’s name was Jennifer Sherrouse who was extensively written about and reported on in the Atlanta press in a hugely negative light that had nothing to do with photography or copyright extortion.  She was sued/prosecuted by the U.S. government for real estate housing discriminatory practices against children in the Atlanta real estate market. I believe she ultimately agreed to settle for $60,000 in fines and other punitive measures.

Photo Attorney Evan Andersen took on Jennifer Sherrouse as a client and basically tried to extort a fellow real estate agent for $15,000 (if I remember correctly) for a couple of photos of a condominium!  The real estate agent asked me for help and I did some research on WHO the photographer of the condos were and was shocked that this photographer had made big news in the Atlanta business and real estate arena for getting sued/prosecuted by the U.S. government for housing discriminatory practices.

Honestly, I don’t think the people at Photo Attorney knew about Jennifer’s real estate housing discriminatory past. I think they only knew her as a part-time photographer who was also a real estate agent.  My guess is they were also surprised at what ELI found out about Jennifer.

In my view, her crime of wholesale housing discrimination far outweighed the “crime” of a minor photo infringement. Coupled with the fact that she along with Evan Andersen was asking $15K, it just seemed like a huge hypocrisy.  But, of course, Jennifer being the type of person she is has another lawsuit going on with another Atlanta real estate agency. The status of that case appears to be on hold or pending.

In any case, Timmy wants to paint a picture that ELI and/or I simply plucked a random female photographer and be “misogynistic” towards her which is obviously full of shit.  I’ve never met Jennifer Sherrouse but from what I have seen, what I know from my research, and people who have reported to me, she is a real piece of work.

Buddhapi known for his snarkiness on ELI repeatedly calls trolls/extortionists as “douche nozzles”.  And you know who he refers to the most as a “douche nozzle”?  Timmy himself who is purportedly a member of the male species (but who truly knows).  Even without counting Timmy, there are lots of “colorful” references directed to men, not just women.

One lawyer who doesn’t “suffer” much from ELI is Carolyn Wright of Photo Attorney even though she is a woman.  The fact of the matter is most of us at ELI respect her. I won’t go into the reasons why we give her some degree of respect but suffice to say if ELI was truly “misogynistic” we would comment about Carolyn much more than we do.  After all, she does lead the Photo Attorney group of young, infantile “artsy-fartsy” lawyers who get very little respect due to their weak credentials and inexperience.

She conducts herself in a pretty decent way and she doesn’t make stupid accusations about us at ELI. I have no problems admitting that a few of us learned a couple nuggets off her website over the years. Bottom line, if ELI was truly “misogynistic” Carolyn’s name would come up far more frequently.

The other female who might have experienced some ELI discomfort but definitely gave ELI grief and time-suck was a cry-baby lawyer from Toronto Canada, Julie Stewart (online name changed recently). She has long disappeared so I won’t get into it here but she made a bunch of dumb and outlandish accusations that didn’t hold water and she was shamed out of the business. She was happy to make threats against one of her victims but when that victim asked for our help and we called her out, the water works began shortly thereafter.  It was truly sad to see a so-called lawyer emotionally fall apart like she did.

The next time Timmy or anyone decides to call or accuse me or ELI of being “misogynistic”, I will direct him or anyone else to this post to get the FULL STORY, not just a snippet.


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