Bruce Aristeo’s Early Experience with Camden County Superior Court (Family Division)

New Jersey CourtsThis is Part 17 of my continuing coverage of the legal plight of Bruce Aristeo of Camden, New Jersey that began with a relationship breakup and civil dispute with Jody Raines and subsequently escalated to the Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office. His trial begins in January 11, 2016.

(NOTE: Because I have written numerous articles/commentaries on the Jody Raines – Camden County Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga, there is now an article index I refer new readers to read and catch-up on. I highly recommend you read the articles in chronological order to get the full, complete story with the proper context.)

In an online discussion hosted by Todd Greene’s where I participate from time to time, Bruce offered a particularly insightful story to its readers. I am republishing Bruce’s comments from that website here (with some minor edits for readability):

I have first-hand experience in [Camden County] Superior Court, [the] Family Part. The judge, Nan S. Famular, was not only a liar, but a fraud and entirely incompetent.

I filed a motion, made [YouTube] videos about another matter, and waited for my day in court. Without getting into the minutia, I stood before a full courtroom, and called out the judge on everything.

We had a screaming match in front of over 50 people for nearly two hours. As she began ordering me to comply with her rules, I firmly told her she was wrong, what my rights were [including the First Amendment], and I was not following her orders.

She ordered me to pay for the other party’s attorney fees, and I told her I was not following her orders. After filing 3 more motions (to reconsider, to recuse, and to stay the orders), she scheduled the hearing.

This time, the judge made sure I had the courtroom to myself. Opposition’s counsel began complaining that I had not paid the sanction, and that I doubled the amount of [YouTube] videos about the case.

The judge began to order a psychological evaluation, legal assistance, and as she was about to issue a judgment for the money, I interrupted her and said,

“Before you finish that order… I guarantee after the psych evaluation I’ll have the doctor on my side, I’ll take the legal assistance, but if you issue a judgment against me for the sanction, I’ll sue 22 of the oppositions clients to pay the sanction.”

She looked at me and said, “Mr. Aristeo, I just don’t know what to do with you… You just threatened the plaintiff before this court.

I yelled, “I didn’t make a threat, I made a promise.”

She reversed the sanction, canceled the psych evaluation and legal assistance.

That’s Family Court! [in Camden County, NJ]

This is illustrative of how free speech is illegally and easily removed from private citizens in lower courts throughout the U.S. There is little supervision and oversight unless a case reaches the appellate level. Unfortunately, many “pro se” defendants don’t have the financial means, knowledge, or connections to adequately or properly reach the appellate level. This is well covered in Aaron H. Caplan’s legal paper, “Free Speech and Civil Harassment Orders.”

This story also illustrates why the Camden County judicial system is trying to exact revenge on Bruce. He made waves loudly. Bruce knew his rights and stood up to the judge. Bruce has been extremely stubborn and the Camden County judicial system has been trying to break him since.

On a similar note, if you want to know more about how ugly family courts (where restraining orders cases exist) can get, I recommend “Divorce Corp.” documentary available for streaming on Netflix.


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