Bruce Aristeo’s Personal Property Seized by Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office

camden-county-prosecutor-logoThis is Part 9 of my continuing coverage of the legal plight of Bruce Aristeo of Camden, New Jersey originally begun with a relationship breakup and civil dispute with Jody Raines and subsequently escalated to the Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office.

(NOTE: Because I have written numerous articles on the Jody Raines – Camden County Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga, there is now an article index I refer new readers to read and catch-up. I highly recommend you read the articles in chronological order to get the full, complete story with the proper context.)

In a prior post, I uncovered the abusive Asset Forfeiture action by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. As if seizing Bruce’s Mac laptop computer (valued at $1,700) and trying to sell it for cold, hard cash wasn’t bad enough, Bruce had many items of his personal property seized and taken from his apartment as “evidence” for his “crimes”.

I now uncover the personal property / evidence inventory list seized by the Camden County’s (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office. Bruce has reported that there are “missing” items that were left off this list.


For reading convenience, I have pasted below the core text (reordered with corrections for clarity) from the Evidence Inventory List  (BOLD is my emphasis):

  • 1 – Mac Desktop computer with wireless keyboard and wireless mouse
  • 1 – Mac Pro laptop computer with charger (Under Asset Forfeiture)
  • 1 – Cellular Telephone (iPhone) black in color (Returned to Bruce May 14, 2015)
  • 1 – AT&T Router
  • 1 – Comcast Xfinity Router
  • 1 – Black iPod (Returned to Bruce May 14, 2015)
  • 1 – Black Olympus Recorder (Returned to Bruce May 14, 2015)
  • 1 – White Credit Card swiper for cell phone
  • 1 – MAC Charger
  • 1 – PayPal Credit Card Swiper
  • 1 – Mini iPod silver in color
  • 1 – AT&T SD Card
  • 1 – Silver D-Link USB Drive
  • 1 – Black Micro SD Card (Returned to Bruce May 14, 2015)
  • 2 – Memorex DVDs (one marked 9/21/2011 and one marked 9/22/2011)
  • 1 – DVD of Search Warrant Video
  • (1) Seagate USB external hard drive
  • (1) Maxtor USB external hard drive
  • (1) USB thumb drive, yellow and red in color
  • (1) USB thumb drive with “setting standard of excellence
  • (1) USB Sandisk thumb drive
  • (1) USB PNY thumb drive
  • (1) roll of 35 mm film
  • (1) silver Kingston USB drive
  • (1) silver key shaped USB drive
  • (1) silver USB drive with clear lid
  • (1) black USB drive
  • (2) yellow pads
  • (1) white paper notebook
  • (1) blue cover notebook
  • (1) green cover notebook
  • (1) grey cover notebook

As you can see, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office went after anything computer-related, digitally-related, Internet-related, and media-related. All because of some Bruce’s so-called “inflammatory” and “sexually provocative” YouTube videos which is plainly and publicly available for everyone to see for themselves.

Jody Raines complained loudly and Camden County government officials thuggishly decided to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars (the last 4 years plus more county government legal actions to come in 2016) in valuable human resources to prosecute Bruce. In my view, it is absolutely stupid and disgusting. And it all began with a photogenic blonde woman (Jody Raines) crying about some legal and entirely First Amendment-compliant YouTube videos. The power of a “helpless” woman’s cry for help appears to know no bounds in Camden County, NJ.


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