Camden County Prosecutors’ Report of Bruce Aristeo’s Personal Journals

camden-county-prosecutor-logoThis is Part 10 of my continuing coverage of the legal plight of Bruce Aristeo of Camden, New Jersey originally begun with a relationship breakup and civil dispute with Jody Raines and subsequently escalated to the Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office. His trial begins in January 2016.

(NOTE: Because I have written numerous articles on the Jody Raines – Camden County Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga, there is now an article index I refer new readers to read and catch-up. I highly recommend you read the articles in chronological order to get the full, complete story with the proper context.)

In my last post, I uncovered the personal property seized by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. They were looking for evidence of alleged “crimes” to substantiate Bruce’s “inflammatory” and “emotional distress” YouTube videos about Jody Raines.

I now uncover one of those Summary Reports where they seized, read, and summarized Bruce’s private, personal journals (diary). They went through his journals and excerpted and summarized the absolute worst writings they could find relating to Jody Raines. This is what they found.



For reading convenience, I have pasted selected passages from the Summary Report (BOLD is my emphasis):

From Bruce’s Grey Notebook

  • “Mr. Aristeo writes about a woman that he identifies at Judy, presumably, referring to Judy Wescoat, Mr. Aristeo’s former girlfriend. He writes about how Judy lied about him in order to get a restraining order, and that he wants to teach her a lesson. Mr. Aristeo asks something named “Spirit” for help and he often thanks “Spirit.” He asks “Spirit” if he should sue Judy in order to get back $9,000.00 that he had spent on her. Mr. Aristeo writes about Judy not following his lead and not loving him the way that he wanted her to love him.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes about his emotions throughout the notebook. He writes about checking on Judy to see if she is fucking another guy.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes that Judge Fineman dismissed charges against him along with the restraining order that Judy had on him. Mr. Aristeo is bothered by the fact that Judy lied and nothing was said to her. Mr. Aristeo writes that Judy took his life away from him and that he will make her pay.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes that his mother didn’t want him because he took away her teens. He also speaks about several other people including Aunt Bobby and Uncle Ron and how they lied about everything.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo has numerous entries about Judy paying him and making deposits into his account.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo then starts writing about Jody Raines. He notes that he could never live with her because there is no room in her house. He writes, “Well here I am again….suing a woman for money.” He writes, “Spirit please help me today, I wish to be paid $5,000.00 for the website and work I completed for Jody, and free of any other cost to me. Thank you.” He goes on to write, “Spirit please help me win my law suit against Jody Raines and be awarded the sum of $12,000.00 for all the work I did for Jody Raines. Thank you.” Mr. Aristeo wrote this last sentence numerous times with a few slight variations.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes, “I know it’s Wednesday and after 8AM. A question I continually pose to me is, what do I want from all this? All this being chasing Jody in my mind. I’m constantly trying to find a way to get revenge.” Mr. Aristeo admits that he was insulted when Ms. Raines sent him a letter from her attorney.”

Bruce’s Blue Notebook

  • “This notebook appears to have some notes from either a class that Mr. Aristeo has taken or notes that he has taken about internet business. He also has several writings about Ms. Raines.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes that Jody kept him from doing business.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes in one entry, “OCD – Anxiety cause by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, or worry by repetitive behavior.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes, “Bruce Aristeo was harassed and stalked for two years by Jody Raines.””
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes notes on his Band Aid Justice website.”

Bruce’s Green Notebook

  • “In this notebook it appears as if this was another notebook that could have been from a class that Mr. Aristeo has taken, but he also writes several notes about his Monkeycom website.”
  • “Included in this notebook Mr. Aristeo has notes from Monkeycom and he references RU Burger Farms, which is the video where he sits down and eats Belgian Malinois sausage patties. The Belgian Malinois is the type of dog that Ms. Raines has. Her dog is the one shown on his Monkeycom video.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo also has some notes on how he will set up his magic 8 ball videos about Ms. Raines. He writes how he will set up the web videos.”

Bruce’s White-Paper Notebook

  • “Mr. Aristeo talks about his Band Aid Justice web page. He writes, “ DV has a new face – Women.” He writes on one page, “Vengeance is Mine.””
  • “Mr. Aristeo has his notes for how he will set up his various web videos.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo has notes about his RU Burger Farms video. Mr. Aristeo writes, “Fully cooked Belgian Malinwa sausage patties. They come individually wrapped and ready to serve.””
  • “Mr. Aristeo has the narrative written about the video which he created about Ms. Raines and a Rooster. He writes, “I’m very upset that Jody Raines is making such a stick about my parody video. When we first met she made threats that she was going to eat my cock. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but when she saw it she went after my cock like a dog goes for a bone.” He continues talking about his “cock.””
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes a note about a Mother’s Day email.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo finishes this notebook by writing about RU Burger Farms.”

Bruce’s Yellow Notebook

  • “Mr. Aristeo writes several notes about Jody Raines and some court rules.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes about his Monkeycom website and some notes about his videos.”
  • “He writes, “Internet Troll is a person who seeks conflict. Internet Troll = Sociopath.””
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes several notes about websites including LinkedIn.”
  • “Mr. Aristeo writes about Ms. Raines and numerous other notes in no logical order.”

Camden County Prosecutors invaded and violated Bruce’s privacy rights by digging into his private, personal journals (diaries) to find evidence of Bruce’s alleged “violations” of an “indefinite” temporary restraining order (TRO). What they found and reported were the journals/diaries of a man who was hurt, angry, and disappointed writing about his THOUGHTS and FEELINGS of the relationship breakup with two different women.

I was conflicted whether to publish this but I thought that the public needed to see for themselves the “ugliest” thoughts and feelings of Bruce that the Camden County Prosecutors could find. I redacted a few words and sentences because they were very private thoughts and feelings, and they lacked proper context. Bruce has informed me that he is happy to explain the context to anyone that asks.

One section had to do with a prior girlfriend, Judy Wescoat (entirely different from Jody Raines). Other sections had to do with his thoughts and feelings about Jody Raines. The vast majority of what was found was interesting at best, not remotely criminal.  But if you read closely, nearly everything has to do with Bruce’s writing about THOUGHTS and FEELINGS, not criminal actions. If I thought Bruce was a dangerous or violent criminal, I would not be publishing this.

Remember, Bruce wasn’t accused of trying to murder, rape, or do anything remotely violent towards Jody Raines. His “crime” was making “inflammatory” YouTube videos which gave Camden County Prosecutors the right to invade his apartment, seize his computer equipment and private diaries, and then publish a summary of their negatively-biased opinions entirely out-of-context.

This case against Bruce is potentially very dangerous to anyone in New Jersey and sets a dangerous precedent that someone’s personal, private journals and diaries can be so easily seized and published in an effort to humiliate and destroy someone’s credibility and reputation. I think that most of us have had unpleasant thoughts and thought about doing things we should not. However, prosecuting crimes are about what we DO, not how or what we THINK or FEEL. If we can be prosecuted for THINKING and FEELING negative and unhappy thoughts, the entire human race would have to be indicted.


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