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defiantly-sqr-150pxOutside of the confines of (ELI), I plan on revealing information and telling behind-the-scenes stories never told before.

To all my enemies who engaged in backroom, “cloak and dagger” shenanigans whining and complaining to “Daddy Oscar” about all the things I or others posted on ELI?  Well, guess what, “Daddy Oscar” isn’t here on and he has ZERO say here.

No one is forcing anyone to come on this website so if you don’t like what you read, then go away. I have software that will track and log every visitor to this website. I do so only because I have enemies and I need to know what they are doing on MY website. Everyone else, I don’t care so much to track and follow. Remember, this website is private property and this is my turf, not yours. I simply want quality, repeat readers and well-earned SEO traffic.

To all ELI readers, if you really want to get the dirt on how far copyright thugs have gone to shut me up and restrain ELI? Well, get ready. The stories are coming. Come here for the juice and then go back to ELI for normal discussions.

There will be other announcements in the weeks to come.

The First Amendment allows me great latitude to tell true stories and personal commentary in the way I want even if it is politically-incorrect, insulting, controversial, profane, and cringe-inducing. For years, people have tried to censor me. Well, on the only person who can now censor me is me.

Lest anyone thinks that is simply an off-shoot of ELI, that isn’t true.  There will be a bunch of other cool things, cool people, and cool content that I will be bringing and highlighting here on It will roll out sporadically, organically, and be a bit disorganized but “creatives” (which I consider myself) embrace a certain of chaos and disruption. Expect lots of change, tinkering, and experimentation.

I intend to bring lots of disorder, chaos, disruption, and controversy into this website. I believe I will enjoy the entire process immensely in the weeks and months to come.

Remember: The First Amendment allows me to use rhetorical hyperbole, snark, sarcasm, colloquialisms, symbolism, epithets, combative, antagonistic, rude, profane, derogatory, insulting, insensitive, and politically-incorrect language.

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