Donald Trump: Financial Disclosures Will Be Released “On Time” and “Ahead of Schedule”

donaldtrump-katyturIn NBC’s Katy Tur’s 28-minute interview with Donald Trump, Donald Trump released a significant clue as to when he would release the highly-anticipated financial disclosures to the Federal Election Commission. It is interesting that (as of this writing), that no one in the mainstream media has grabbed hold of this significant nugget by reporting or commenting on it. What are they waiting for? I have provided a snippet here of his actual words.

It seems that Donald Trump is very serious, even more serious than I and many others have imagined when he made firm comments that his financial disclosures would be released “on time” and “ahead of schedule”. When asked by Katy Tur if Donald Trump would file his financial disclosures “on time” and that he had eight more days until the first deadline, he explained to Katy Tur that he (as all presidential candidates do) is automatically entitled to two 45-day extensions and if he filed during these periods, they would all still be considered “on time”. Trump further added that while he is entitled to use both of those two 45-day extensions, he hinted that he would file his financial disclosures with the Federal Election Commission close to the first deadline without the need for an extension. And due to the “complexity” and “bigness” of his own situation, there was a possibility that he might have to use one of those 45-day extensions.

Taking into account Donald Trump’s tone, context, and response in this interview into full consideration, it would seem that if Trump did, in fact, use one of the 45-day extensions to have more time to file his financial disclosures, it would still be released in the early part of that first extension. Based on Katy Tur’s statement of “eight more days”, the original deadline is July 15, 2015. However, given the context and tone of Donald Trump’s comments about possibly needing more time, it still seems likely he plans on filing July 15, 2015 but no later than July 31, 2015.

Given that the first televised Republican debate is supposed to be August 6, 2015, strategically speaking, it would make sense that Donald Trump release his financial disclosures around or shortly after July 15, 2015 in advance of the debate. If Trump does this, it would be unmistakeable and indisputable to nearly everyone following politics, that there is no going back for Trump and that he is in this to win.

Consequently, Trump would once again (to use the oft-repeated remark by mainstream media) “suck all the oxygen out of the air” and continue the non-stop firestorm of media coverage of him and his presidential campaign.

As a side note, I really didn’t care of Katy Tur’s interview style. I don’t have a problem with some negative bias and challenge against anyone being interviewed including Donald Trump. But having seen many TV interviews of Donald Trump, she didn’t come across very well due to her strange and inconsistent rapid-fire questions with her voice going up and down, and even becoming tongue-tied at one point. I think she was, at times, intimidated by Trump and the force of his personality.

Even without Donald Trump saying so, I thought she asked some naive questions including one scenario that civilians might be in the way of Donald Trump’s plan to bomb and blow up the oil fields to financially cripple ISIS. Donald Trump said, “Oh, give me a break, Katy. Next question”. Although a tad rude, I agreed with his sentiment. On a few occasions, Katy Tur also seemed to have a difficult time understanding some of Trump’s explanations despite the fact that many of Trump’s responses were somewhat repetitive from earlier interviews and already well-covered. For a reporter, she was either uninformed or she was playing dumb for a new viewer. Either way, it didn’t make her look good.

Additionally, because of Katy Tur’s sustained negative slants of her questions towards Trump, at one point he became irritable and said, “You’re acting like you’re the great reporter, bah bah bah”. Even when reporters are biased against an interviewee, the interviewer will generally throw the interviewer a bone of a positive acknowledgment in an effort to appear balanced. Prior to his remark, I already had the impression she was acting like a young reporter trying to make a name for herself by trying to get Donald Trump to trip up in his answer. (He unsurprisingly stayed firm and unwavering from beginning to end.)

I say this because when I watched CNN’s Anderson Cooper interview of Donald Trump (also released today) as a comparison, Anderson Cooper directed some tough questions and comments to Trump in a smoother, more elegant fashion.  By comparison, Anderson Cooper came across as the superior interviewer and Donald Trump seemed to give him more respect than Katy Tur, in general. The harshest comment Donald Trump made towards Anderson Cooper was “You’re not a baby, you’re not a baby” insinuating that Anderson was not as naive or innocent as he was portraying.

In any case, the bottom line and big takeaway today is that it looks like Donald Trump, if he has his way, is going to release his financial disclosures next week “on time” “ahead of schedule” around July 15, 2015! Exciting times coming and more oxygen to be sucked away from the air!


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