Highlights of the “Lost” 9th Episode of ELI Factor

eli-factorMany people know I can be an obnoxious guy when I need to be. My ability to upset, offend, and be blunt with people is quite impressive. *wink* Nevertheless, that side of me rarely comes out in public and not often seen (except in small doses). I admit that I still prefer that people like me vs. hating me so I try to exercise some degree of restraint (sometimes unsuccessfully). That is my emotional neediness speaking to the desire to be liked. I am occasionally weak that way.

As I’ve grown older, my mouth gets “pottier”. It is a never-ending struggle to restrain the “potty mouth” that lurks within me. In early February 2013, I recorded a 30-minute, 9th-episode of “The ELI Factor” with my co-host Robert Krausankas. Prior to that episode, my friends and co-administrators Robert Krausankas and Greg Troy recorded a number of episodes without me. But I was aching to do Episode 9 because I was frustrated for the ordeal I went through with Robert during the weekend of January 17, 2013.

With a staggering viewership of maybe 12 people, I posted the cantankerous, profanity-laced, rant-filled Episode 9 on ExtortionLetterInfo.com (ELI) regarding the whole incident and what I thought about the cowardly, hypocritical Dash Poet, Linda Ellis for creating all kinds of time-consuming, energy-sucks with her bogus complaints. Although, we overcame each and every bogus complaint, there was no question it consumed a large amount of my time to dispose of them.

In any case, I have always thought that no one except my core ELI audience would ever watch them. After all, who has time to watch a 30-minute video on a niche-subject as copyright extortion? Especially an episode where I am ranting and raving about Ms. Ellis attacks to the ELI accounts to my co-host Robert while he smiles and snickers at me throughout the episode.

Clearly, it was a self-indulgent episode which I thought would be viewed by very few people. It turns out that one of the few people was the infamous Dash Poet herself! I suppose, in retrospect, I should not have been surprised since so much of that ranting episode was about her annoying shenanigans which caused us so much energy-suck.

Never did I ever imagine that someone would take 60-seconds of an entire 30-minute uncut video and try to use it as “evidence” in a court case being accused of “stalking” her. It appears that video she successfully took out of context in 2013 is being circulated again by anonymous user “Good Prevails” (who I believe to be the Dash Poet herself) as her revenge against me for speaking out on behalf of “Poetic Justice” author, April Brown.

Because the original 33-minute Episode 9 is quite long to slog through in real-time, I have cut a shorter 4-minute version for those who only want to see my rant in its full context. I think it is pretty clear there was ample warning to the content of the video and how my co-host Robert laughs at me with a comment that I “got it out of my system” and I smile back at him.

(4-Minute Version)


For those interested in what the 33-minute episode was about, this 19-minute cut version captures the spirit of the entire episode and I have included below a text summary that includes many of the rants, name-calling, and profanity in the video. However, the most important part is that I provide the PROPER CONTEXT of everything said.

 (19-Minute Version)

ELI Factor – Episode 9 (February 2013) Highlights Summary with Timestamp

Hosts: Matthew Chan & Robert Krausankas

0:00     Intro of first episode of ELI Factor in 2013.

0:22     I clearly and directly warn viewers of unscripted content, upcoming rants and profanity and to shut down the video if you don’t want to be exposed to such content.

00:49   I introduce the first story of receiving a complaint from Eapps my prior web hosting provider and reviewing the complaint. I mention an ELI blog post discussing the background of January 17, 2013.

01:19  Robert analyzes the nature of complaints which include the Google Street View photo and a home address found on the Internet.

02:10   We briefly discuss the complaint of April Brown’s initiated thread titled “We are coming after you” and a thread titled “Linda Ellis Personal Information”

03:09   I explain why I am angry and doing the video. I refer to the blog post discussing the background of January 17, 2013 when I decided to move ELI away from Eapps to Robert’s hosting provider.

03:36   I explain that ELI does its share of “jabbing”, name-calling, and mocking of copyright extortionists. Despite all this, we make efforts to report information as accurately as we can and get the facts straight. I was unhappy that Eapps had insinuated that we might be engaging in physical threats without their fully reading the content and understanding the context of posted ELI messages.

04:31   I explain I was unhappy with Eapps making vague complaints about ELI without providing me any documentation and they refused to send me the actual complaint for us to review when I asked.

04:43   Robert reminds me and explains that I was not required to move ELI but voluntarily chose to do so to resolve the Eapps complaint. If Eapps no longer hosted ELI, all complaints about removing ELI content would be automatically resolved.

05:38   I explain that we had over 13,000 ELI posts and we suspected the complaint came from Linda Ellis (Dash Poet) but we were provided with no information beyond the vague request to “remove personal information” from ELI. I state that if Eapps was not going to provide a copy of the actual complaint, they should provide us some assistance to help narrow down the 13,000+ posts. Eapps then provides us the 4 URL’s being complained about. I asked Robert review every post of each thread while I stewed.

06:41   I explain that I felt that Eapps was overstepping by asking for the removal of too much content. I concluded by saying “fuck it” ELI was done with Eapps. On January 17, 2013, Robert assisted me in shutting down the ELI Forums down and moving it to his web host provider to prevent any more complaints about us through a web hosting provider telling us what content was allowed and what was not.

07:53   Robert openly states that Linda Ellis would not be successful in taking down ELI through complaints to him that people were posting “not nice” things about her on ELI. I ask ELI readers to directly contact me if there are legitimate complaints of inappropriate content. Due to the large number of weekly posts, I don’t read every one that is posted. We have an ELI team to help manage the forums although we are also participants ourselves.

09:00   I state that I will be engaged in a rant. When April Brown came into ELI in 2012, she headed up efforts to report and comment on the Linda Ellis / Dash Poem extortion scheme. Prior to April participating on ELI, I interviewed April to find out more about the Dash Poem extortion letters.  At that time, ELI members were largely removed and separate from the Dash Poem extortion letters. In the beginning, ELI mainly served as observers and reporters because none of us were victims of the Dash Poem extortion letters. It was largely April’s fight and ELI provided her a communication platform. However, in my interviews with April I did confirm there were, in fact, several extortion letters, multiple victims, the Dash Poem extortion operated for years, successfully collecting large sums of money. The sums of money being asked and paid seemed outrageous, ELI had to cover the subject matter. Linda Ellis had successfully filed a copyright complaint to YouTube which resulted in having her entire account of 200 videos shut down which upset April greatly. April’s YouTube account remained shut down until I provided April assistance and advice to help reinstate her account and recover her videos. Someone on “Team Linda” had filed a DMCA complaint to Scribd on attempting to remove an extortion letter we legitimately obtained and shared with the public using the ELI Scribd account. Robert states that it was John “Jerkoff” Jolin that filed the complaint. Robert and I chuckle over his alternative ELI nickname “Jackass Jolin”.

10:50   I comment that activity was quiet for a period of time on the Dash Poem extortion letters but then some complaints started coming into ELI. Robert agreed but said that when the $100,000 extortion letter came in, it “blew up” interest again. Robert states the ELI went public with the $100,000 extortion letter and that we believed Linda Ellis was no longer “a happy camper”.

11:13   I engage in a rant about being protective of ELI accounts. If people want to “talk shit” about ELI, that is one thing but to hit ELI accounts with bogus DMCA or Terms of Service complaints, I am going to “fight tooth and nail” to preserve ELI. It’s important to protect ELI because it gives everyone an important communication platform. I continue my rant that any “idiot” can “fucking” start a WordPress blog or forum but not anyone can get them to a high visibility and search ranking within Google. Anyone who posts on ELI can be assured that their message will be indexed by Google. That is a service ELI freely provides to people who post messages. I state the belief that Linda “blew a fucking gasket” and decided to come after ELI. However, I take attacks and complaints against ELI “very fucking personal”. Robert smirks at my rant, agrees with me, and states that Linda is “dumber than Julie Stewart”.

13:04   I explain that I’ve had many negative things written about me on the Internet. She doesn’t have “the first fucking clue” that no one can “squelch” truthful information. “Too bad, so sad” if people dislike name-calling on ELI because it is legally permissible. However, compared to many other websites on the Internet, ELI is relatively tame. We don’t intentionally make factually incorrect statements.

13:54   NOTE: The complete profanity-laced rant by me which Linda tightly clipped with no context in her version begins here. For the entire video prior, all rants and discussions are directed towards Robert with his humorous reactions. I vent my anger and frustrations over “Team Linda’s” many attacks and complaints against various ELI accounts. I rant that she would not understand anything but “brute force” (referring to counter-complaints and counter-attacks to her own accounts). I engage in an open rant and personal insults over her use of 15-year old photos, her age, sagging neck skin, and inconsistent hair dye in her photos. (Not one of my better moments but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to saying it openly.) I state that I am “getting nasty and personal” and if I think someone is a “piece of shit” I say it directly, not behind someone’s back or beat around the bush. For a brief 5 seconds, I change from ranting to Robert to ranting into the camera for dramatic effect. Robert clearly laughs at me. Because I am being accused of making physical threats and going to her house, I rant that visiting her house is not necessary. I rant that I am able to write commentaries and editorials on my computer “every other day” and people will “just love the entertainment” of my writings. My last rant is “Leave it the fuck alone” before I abruptly turn to Robert and apologize to him for making my rants and we both immediately chuckle over my “crazy” ranting. Robert smiles at me and says “It’s good to get it out of your system” and we both chuckle at my crazy rant. I say I should password-protect this video because I don’t want any complaints from someone who might “accidentally” play the video and complain about the “bad words and all this stuff”. Prophetically, Robert muses that one day we might discuss the issue of free speech online and what are hosting provider responsibilities and what are website owner and forum moderator responsibilities. Robert states Eapps believed ELI crossed the line and they have a right to their opinion. However, ELI will now be under Robert’s web hosting management and he will be able to make the new rules for ELI. Linda will have a tough time making changes to ELI with her complaints.

17:07   I explain Oscar Michelen’s position that he would not be involved with any group of people or website that condone physical violence. He would also not be associated with people who are loose with the facts. Name-calling is one thing but making up facts is another. No matter my personal feelings towards Linda, I will not intentionally make untrue statements about her.

17:34   I remind the audience that this video session was entirely spontaneous and unscripted and that I was “dying” to the video and glad to finally get to it.

17:53   I repeat my assertion that ELI is an important communication platform that I “don’t intend to lose”. I don’t intend to have ELI taken away by “some shit woman in Marietta that is a one-hit wonder”. I state I hope I won’t be creating any more “ugly videos like this one” with all the profanity. Robert says it could have been a lot worse. Concluding, I state with a smile that “I got it out of my system”. Robert chuckles at my closing statements. I apologize to the viewers if I “offended their sensibilities too much” but I wanted to convey to them my anger and frustration over the whole ordeal.


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  1. “Never did I ever imagine that someone would take 60-seconds of an entire 30-minute uncut video and try to use it as “evidence” in a court case being accused of “stalking” her. It appears that video she successfully took out of context in 2013 is being circulated again by the Dash Poet herself as her revenge against me for speaking out on behalf of “Poetic Justice” author, April Brown.”
    You might as well get used to it. This week she posted on her new slander website http://www.justfreespeech.com the following:

    “Professional? Auctioneer, April Brown Proudly Posts Video of Comedy Routine”

    April Brown says: “men have such double standards…looking for a woman tight as a dime with nine cents change…”
    April Brown says: “I just mention the word baby and he can’t get it up, get it in, or get it off…”
    “Mother Seeks Temporary Restraining Order against April Brown for Fear of her Family’s Safety”
    “The mother/aunt of both filed a Temporary Protection Order against me.” ~April
    “Sergeant Seeks Prosecution of April Brown for Wiretapping
    April Brown, Friend, Associate and “Team Member” of Known Stalker”
    “April Brown Threat Entered as Evidence in GA Supreme Supreme Court Stalking Case” (Info Forthcoming)
    “April Brown Charities – Blue Sky Charities, Whisker City, etc. Financials to be Posted Soon Tax or animal shelters?”
    “Investigated by Animal Law Enforcement – Unlicensed, Unvaccinated Animal in “Whisker City” Shelter” (Info Forthcoming)
    “Much, More More Coming…Stay Tuned”

    Well, I’ve stayed tuned for 5 days now. She’s had 3 years to dig up the dirt and has yet to find anything worth reading. If I have a criminal record, why not post it?
    If one word of what she writes is true, why not post the documents?

    Linda is in full panic mode. Just this week she wrote a letter to my ex-husband, posted dozens of comments on http://www.getpoeticjustice.com, the innocent infringer and Poetic Justice Facebook Accounts – although she’s already removed about half. She’s posted on her own Facebook her usual “I’m the victim” rants – I’ve shared those on Facebook for all eyes to see. Now again, I expect all of them to eventually be removed by Linda. Linda is desperately trying to gather support but the only safe place for her now is on Facebook. Everybody hates copyright trolls and her days of whining and winning are over.

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