January 24, 2020

John W. Jolin’s Failed Attempt at Web Domination

EFF Copyright Troll
EFF Copyright Troll

I don’t speak much about this and thus do a poor marketing job on this aspect of my business. I (along with some of my enemies) refer to myself as a “Web Domination Strategist” and they don’t like how good and effective I am as a strategist. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to these short snippets what these two lawyers (representing legal adversary, Linda Ellis) Georgia lawyer, Elizabeth W. McBride and Seattle lawyer, Timothy B. McCormack, say about me, my talents, and skill sets. They are WAY BETTER than any testimonial I could ask from anyone.



I am quite good at establishing a strong, reputable web presence for myself and those I work with. I can turn even negative, controversial content that would hurt most people into one that is actually helpful to me. It is in all how you represent yourself and tell your story. It helps tremendously if your live persona is consistent with your online persona.  It is called AUTHENTICITY and CONGRUENCY.

I have never called myself an SEO Expert because that is too narrow a description of what I do and practice. What I do is a combination of publishing, marketing, reputation creation, web presence maintenance, activism, and story-telling. Not everything I do is about the money, it is often about the MISSION and the CAUSE. Quite frankly, most so-called SEO Experts don’t know how to do what I do because they are only focused on the latest fad in “Google search algorithms”.  For most of them, it is only a paid gig. They don’t care about their clients or their message. They only care about their payday. They have a narrow view of how online web presence and online reputation work and they assume that people are stupid.

The first rule I follow is that, I assume that the people I care about are SMART and INTELLIGENT. That means you treat them with respect by telling them the TRUTH and you say it FEARLESSLY with CONVICTION. You say the GOOD AND THE BAD. You don’t bullshit your audience with only “the good”. You ENLIGHTEN and EDUCATE your audience and readers, not pander and be ingenuous to them.

Certainly, understanding how Google search algorithms is a big plus. However, it is by far only one component of many. The truth of the matter is that people search in ways that go further and deeper than Google. There are many Internet ecosystems that have significant built-in search functions.  Some include eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, news media, word-of-mouth, virality, and the like. Believe it or not, it is NOT all about Google but that is what most people are focused on.

It is not only getting the search phrases, you actually need to have LEGITIMATE MEANINGFUL CONTENT. That takes time, effort, and work.  People like to throw money at a problem but the truth of the matter is, some of this cannot be bought. It has to be earned.

To prove that point, I refer you to John W. Jolin’s (of Linda Ellis’ Dash Poem Copyright Extortion fame) recent feeble attempts to “take charge” of his web presence and online reputation. I give credit to Robert Krausankas of Copyright-Trolls.com for first uncovering and reporting this. We collectively laughed and were bewildered at John’s poor, ridiculous attempts to take charge of his online reputation. In fact, I would go so far to say that, in many ways, he made it worse!

Because his so-called content is so ridiculously worded and illustrated, it immediately raises suspicion to anyone who has half a brain. I understand that John doesn’t want to be known online for his copyright extortion activities and I have no problems with him trying to suppress such content. But damn, it is embarrassing.

This is some of the content he is spreading on his WordPress “blog”:

John W Jolin: Consummate Professional

John W Jolin studied Computer Science at Georgia Southern University and Devry Technical Institute before beginning a ten-year career at Primo Computer, Inc., a company that sells computer hardware to school districts in the Southeast.

John W. Jolin – Family and Work Balanced

John W. Jolin started at Linda’s Lyrics, LLC in 2011 as the Intellectual Property Coordinator. Linda’s Lyrics is a small business started by Linda Ellis, a poet whose work “The Dash” became a sensation when it was published in 1996.

John W Jolin: Chili Champion

John W Jolin is the Intellectual Property Coordinator for Linda’s Lyrics, LLC. He is also its Operational Manager, and heads up its wholesale “Dash” products division.

John W Jolin: Keeping Fit With Weight Training

John W Jolin is a busy man. He is employed as an Intellectual Property Coordinator and Operational Manager at Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, in Marietta, Georgia, where he also heads up the company’s new wholesale product division.

John W Jolin: Real Estate Appraisal

John W Jolin attended Georgia Southern University and the Devry Institute of Technology, and after college spent ten years with a company called Premio Computer, Inc.


At Tackk.com, John writes:

John W. Jolin – Wholesale Dash Products

John W. Jolin came to Linda’s Lyrics, LLC as an Intellectual Property Coordinator in 2011 and has since moved up to Operational Manager through his dedication and hard work. An opportunity to help grow the company has presented itself to Jolin. Linda Ellis, the poet who runs Linda’s Lyrics, LLC, has decided to sell her unique line of “Dash” products at wholesale products.

“The Dash” is an inspirational poem about how one spends his or her “dash” between their birth date and the day they die as shown on a tombstone. Since its publication in 1996, it has inspired millions to live their lives better and for others. These are themes that fit with how John W. Jolin lives his life, and he is proud to be a part of the company.

Jolin now heads the sales of “Dash” products to retailers. These products include inspirational plaques, framed prints, books, cards, and calendars. Jolin and Ellis hope that this move will not only improve the profitability of Linda’s Lyrics, LLC but also put Ellis’ important message into the hearts and minds of many more people across the globe. Approaching the twenty year anniversary of the poem’s publication, her message could not be more important.

John W. Jolin embraces living for others and treating others with more respect by being slower to anger and judgment. Jolin hopes that his involvement, backed by his extensive entrepreneurial and sales experience, will advance Ellis’ message around the world. Jolin lives with his young family in Marietta, Georgia.

At Tumblr,  John displays photos of computer keyboards, mice, cables, memory sticks, etc.

Spamming Google with your name and nonsensical “content” tells everyone you have something to HIDE! John is allegedly a “chili champion” but the content describes his job with Linda Ellis. John has a title “Keeping Fit With Weight Training” and yet anyone who has seen his photo or seen him will know that he is an overweight chubster! When you are overweight with a belly, don’t talk about how you are “keeping fit”. It’s flat out ridiculous.

Also, he is trying to spam Google Images by tagging his name to ridiculous photos of computer keyboards, mice, cables, memory sticks, and the like. What a farce.

Here on Defiantly, despite the fact that this website and blog is relatively new, I get some high-quality traffic and most of my readers and audience here have to be smart to keep up. I don’t write for the lowest common denominator nor do I aim to be politically correct. People come to Defiantly to get the REAL DEAL. That is why I sometimes make “crass”, controversial comments and occasionally use profanity. It is CONGRUENT with who I am in REAL LIFE as a “normal” on-the-streets entrepreneur. I don’t live in an ivory tower. I am a FOXHOLE FRIEND (look it up if you don’t know the term) who believes in EARNED LOYALTY, not blind loyalty to those I work with and friends with.

I know how to make myself “look good” but I often don’t because I am not a politician looking for “casual votes” or win popularity contests. I look to create a deeper relationship with my readership and audience. And that means I have to be willing to SHOW MY UNDERBELLY and TELL IT LIKE IT IS.  I will never win any political contests and I don’t give a shit. What I do give a shit about is making sure my connections with people have depth and legitimacy to them. But many take the shallow approach.

John Jolin seriously needs to get a clue and fire the SEO guy he hired because it is making him look like an idiot. It doesn’t change the fact that his top search entries are all from LEGITIMATE sources of quality content, not one he is trying to manufacture.

Let him be an example of what NOT to do and hiring the WRONG GUY for the job.


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