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Ever since the Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, made a smear post of me (under the “anonymous” handle of “Good Prevails”) on (ROA), Todd and I have had a nice email and online dialog the past week. We have been discussing how abusers hijack the local judicial system by manipulating local judges into handing out inappropriate, wrongful, and overstepping protective orders. Reading the ROA website has broadened my view of the protective/restraining order system. It is largely unregulated, executed with very little oversight, and more common than most people realize because (similar to small claims court) they are primarily represented by “pro se” parties who don’t how the legal system works.

Nevertheless, even when you do understand the system, such as the case with myself and Oscar Michelen (my legal advisor), there are still pitfalls, minefields, and uncertainty that occur.

Last week, I wrote about how the ROA website delivered my “Ah-ha!” moment last year in my own Georgia Supreme Court appeal concerning an overbroad, overstepping protective order placed upon me. Because of the long-lasting impact of ROA’s contribution to my research during one late night in July 2014 during the late wee hours, I offered to write a guest blog post for Todd and his ROA website as a way to give back to him and his readership. He was gracious and did not place any restrictions on what I could or should write about.

After I agreed and promised Todd I would get it written within a few days, my mind went blank. I realized that I had a dilemma.  My mental block was not whether or not I had any material to write.  The problem was I had way too much I wanted to write about! Nevertheless, I gave some thought to what his readership might “want” or “need”. I wrote a guest blog post that largely dealt with my mindset, how I think and react to injustices, and use it to galvanize me into action, not slink away quietly in shame or embarrassment.

Instead of a complete rehash what I wrote, I recommend that you directly visit ROA and read my guest blog post there. It is applicable in many areas of life.


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  1. You are absolutely right. Until Judges and Attorneys are wised up by the abused, nothing will be done. The abused should not be discredited by these false and easily obtained orders. I liken it to the person who cries rape while real victims of rape often lose cases for lack of evidence against the abuser. There are no resources to examine rape kitds and match DNA. Dolts like Ellis tie up the court system, use our limited tax dollars to fill a need for drama and attention. Ellis used government workers and appointed Judges as a personal cast of characters for vindictive and malicious purposes. Ellis made a fool of the Judge in the lower court, but notice the Georgia Supreme Court Justices were not willing to play along. She does not appear to have any attorney in her corner since the Appeals hearing and instead relies on John W. Jolin for leadership and direction. Me thinks the extortion walls are tumbling down around the poet troll and her minion.

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