Talking About Jody Raines’ Pets Can Get Bruce Aristeo Arrested Again

camden-county-prosecutor-logoThis is Part 5 of my continuing story of the legal plight of Bruce Aristeo of Camden, New Jersey originally begun with a relationship breakup and civil dispute with Jody Raines and subsequently escalated to the Camden County (NJ) Prosecutor’s Office.

(NOTE: Because I have written numerous articles on the Jody Raines – Camden County Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga, there is now an article index I refer new readers to read and catch-up. I highly recommend you read the articles in chronological order to get the full, complete story with the proper context.)

I will now uncover Camden County’s written Conditions of Bruce’s release from jail (where he sat for six months). Parts of Page 2 made my head spin.


conditions of release - underlineFor reading convenience, I have pasted below the core text from Page 2 of the Conditions of Release (BOLD is my emphasis):

  • Appear at ALL scheduled court appearances
  • Maintain place of residence
  • No new arrests or offenses during your release on Pretrial Supervision
  • Continue to seek/maintain employment
  • Have no contact of ANY type with Jody Raines at her residence
  • Other: Prohibited from having any oral, written, personal, electronic or other form of contact, direct or indirect,or through third parties with Jody Raines, her family, friends, business or her pets
  • Other: Prohibited from making or causing to be made any communication, directly or indirectly, or through third parties regarding Jody Raines, her family, friends, business or her pets in any manner which may be construed to cause annoyance or alarm
  • Other: Prohibited from utilizing any internet and/or social media postings, directly or indirectly, or through third parties regarding, referring to, or simulating, characterizing or alluding to Jody Raines, her family, friends, business or her pets in any form, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Participate in Electronic Monitoring

There are many problematic (and unconstitutional) terms listed in this Condition of Release.

First, any mutual friends, acquaintances and business associates that both Jody and Bruce might have shared or known are now off-limits to Bruce from any kind of communication whatsoever. He could be arrested for communicating with them.

Second, Jody Raines’ pets (which could include any rabbits, deer, cats, or dogs that might be roaming around) are also off-limits to Bruce. Bruce cannot neither call out to them or shoo them away. Since when has any pet been a victim of any alleged stalking? Are we now going to get stalking protective orders to “protect” pets?

Third, Bruce cannot make or cause anyone to communicate anything “regarding Jody Raines, her friends, business, or her pets” that might ANNOY Jody. Seriously? Is Bruce seriously going to be arrested if Jody Raines is ANNOYED about whatever I choose to write about her, her business, or her pets?

And finally, Bruce is now forbidden to make any public Internet comments ABOUT Jody Raines, her business, or her pets. He cannot use YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter also to make any comments or state his opinions. Seriously?

My head continues to spin violently as I make my way through the many documents from the Jody Raines v. Bruce Aristeo case.

In my next post, I will share more information and my comments on the current situation. To give a nugget, Bruce Aristeo’s trial is in January 2016. He no longer has any lawyer or public defender working on his behalf.  He is broke and now legally considered an indigent. I am working “pro bono” (as a non-lawyer) trying to help Bruce connect with some legal resources. Also, I hope that people who read my blog posts about Bruce Aristeo’s case will give some press/blog coverage, Tweet, or Facebook to share his legal plight.


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    • Yes, it is very difficult to believe that this happens in the U.S. You’d think we were in North Korea or China where they are oppressive regarding free speech matters. Bruce’s case is out of control. The problem here is that he is going into criminal court territory where none of us (except Oscar) have experience with.

      No one would believe it unless they saw the documents themselves.

  1. This story is one for the media. It seems to me that even talking to the media could be forbidden. I am shocked this guy spent any time in jail based on the videos. As a woman, I don’t get why she is “afraid” of him. I’m still confused by this story. I’d like to know more about their relationship prior to the Order.

    This seems to be nothing more than a really bad break up with both parties being annoying to one another. I can’t see any criminal activity. Did I miss the criminal statute that is being violated?

    • April, you are very insightful. As if living under an outrageous TRO wasn’t bad enough, getting arrested, being in jail for 7-months, and indicted because of an alleged violation of an underlying crazy order is mind-blowing. I have interviewed Bruce at length to dig the story out. I am not going to stick my neck out for someone I deem to be a liar or deceptive. I want to know both the good and the bad. I have taken on this case eating the elephant one small bite at a time. I will eventually release more nuggets that answers more questions.

      The short answer is this. I wouldn’t spend time on Bruce’s case unless I really thought he was wronged. I try to tell the story as accurately as I can. There is no question Jody Raines has convincingly told her story behind-the-scenes to the police. It is incredulous to me that Camden County prosecutors are going to risk their professional reputations on this. But I absolutely think it happened because no one cared enough to watch and no one wrote about it. That has now changed.

      I have not personally corroborated this yet but I understand that Jody is politically-connected and she ran for unsuccessfully ran for local office and managed to develop some political connections along the way. It is not a big leap that if you are a reasonably photogenic, professional female with children who is crying about negative, insulting, and annoying videos that it might get a rise from the police (who typically don’t understand the finer points of the First Amendment and free speech on the Internet).

      More nuggets are coming. I am simply serving them up one small piece at a time. As I said, this is an elephant situation. And the way to eat the elephant is one small bite at a time. I am doing my homework to tie as much of Bruce’s claims and assertions to a document. Stay tune.

    • I forgot to add one thing. I am the only media covering this story and I am tweeting it out. I have no idea if it will go any further than me. I have no false delusions that anyone will necessarily pick up the story. Time will tell.

      Bruce has a severe lack of resources. This is a cautionary story to anyone who is legally-ignorant and don’t know how to find the right legal resources. Legal illiteracy is an epidemic. Depending on lawyers generally only works when you have money to hire one. Otherwise, you are left twisting through the legal system all alone.

      If you have no money, connections, supporters, or publicity, you are fucked. Bruce has been fucked over. Bruce had none of these things until now. He has one vocal supporter in me to help get his story out.

  2. I believe it , but I would not had I not recently witnessed some of the nonsense of the courts , I was told by a judge that he has the write to stop me from posting anything about my situation , I said so I cannot tell my story based on facts and evidence to back it up , he said that is correct and he can do that , and he did with nothing more then the plaintiff asking for it , the following week in regrads to the same case was another trial with the female , with completely made up charges , and I was very confident at this trial knowing that I was not guilty I had people who were with me on those days and they showed up to court , I put together 90 pages of history of her lying that the judge would not even look at , but regardless I still proved my case , she had the wrong description , she claimed that there were 2 police logs that were for the dates she claimed I stalked her , {I thought lucky for me I went to police station and got copies)and turns out that those logs were not for those days but for 2 calls she made months apart from her date , but the police did not believe her and did nothing(I called the police and asked) so she tried to mislead the court , plain and simple she lied , the judge eventually asked her were she got the dates for her claim the main claim against me and she stated that “one safe place told her to just get as close as she can it doesn’t matter ” one safe place being a women safe place and I guess she could only get within 2 months of her claim, so I proved my case she admitted to lying to the judge , and the judge as good as called me a liar believed she would recognize my following her on a motorcycle because how big I was , and issued a 1 year restraining order..i was so pissed but after all my research I see nothing I can do , this women made me lose a 80k job that I was at for 12 years and in 12 year never a single issue , in one year she had 3 affairs caused more trouble then all the trouble makers combined , proved to me the courts do not care about the truth , and has completely ruined my life , and in one year I have had 3 R.O’S I have 2 weeks before the statue of limits runs out for suing her but I am t sure I can with the judge giving her the case , but might still be able based on all the lies I can prove and the fact that her and my employer were in it together ….so ya I understand this guys situation and I 100% believe it , I’ve already shared the link and I will continue to do all I can to get the word out . so my heart is with this guy as much as my anger and disgust in system of incompetents. I know it is not over , but I have limits to how far I can be pushed , and I have already passed those limits , so daily I try and get myself out of the funk and see what I can do positive to help , my mother whom I take care reminded me yesterday that I have not left the house much less the room in over a year . and that hit me . I have no intentions of letting them win by me defeating myself , and I have no intentions of being a star on the 5 o’clock new either . thanks for that post sometimes knowing your not the only one or for that matter the one getting poked the worse puts things in perspective..I will continue to follow .

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