The Trump Slapdown of Lauren Rose Batchelder, Political Groupie

lauren-rose-batchelder-cspanLast night, I watched online Donald Trump’s presentation at the “No Labels, Problem Solver” convention in New Hampshire. It was a somewhat different political event than most because it was a bipartisan one. As one might expect, it matters not whether you are a Republican or Democrat, there is a good chance that roughly half the audience is predisposed to dislike and disagree with most candidates.

Does it even need to be said that any event which has Donald Trump in it will attract higher scrutiny and attention than most? There were three foolish audience members that attempted to “show up” Donald Trump when he was onstage during a Q&A session. One young guy oddly felt the need to “fact correct” Trump in an attempt to embarrass him. One young woman asked Donald Trump about the “divisiveness” of his rhetoric and questioned his ability for him to bring people together. This woman seemed to need to demonstrate her disapproval with rebellious facial gestures and body language.

However, the incident which has made the news was when a political groupie named Lauren Rose Batchelder took the opportunity to make a provocative and attack comment directed at Donald Trump by stating that he was “not a friend to women” to audience applause. Clearly, the remark made Trump defensive and he quickly launched into his typical response of “cherishing” and respecting women referring to his daughter Ivanka Trump, wife Melania Trump, and his mother as examples of how much respect he has for women. Trump also told the story of how he appointed a woman to be in charge of the construction of Trump Tower during an era and industry dominated by men.

To be fair, Trump did interrupt and cut-off Lauren Batchelder before she could get her full statement and question out. However, Trump has the occasional habit of interrupting others and given the fact that Lauren made a clearly personal provocative statement against Trump in front of the audience, Trump understandably went into defensive mode.

Lauren was stunned by Trump’s interruption and theatrically showed her surprise and disapproval. A video shows her trying to get the microphone back from the microphone runner. The microphone runner refused to give back the microphone because Trump was then responding.

As Trump responded, Lauren then engaged in very outwardly-demonstrative, theatrical behavior using animated facial expressions and body language. In my view, Lauren knew she was being watched and knew the incident would be televised. She was playing it up for both the attendee audience and TV cameras to show her “full frontal challenge” of Donald Trump.

Once Trump finished his response, Lauren was once again given the microphone and she asked whether “women would get equal pay” and if “women would be able to choose what to do with their body” alluding to abortion. Trump gave short answers and moved on to another questioner.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos did a piece over the incident highlighting Lauren’s major “attitude” against Trump. Other news media picked up the story of Lauren’s theatrical act.  For a short time, it seemed she garnered some favorable press when it was perceived she was simply an anonymous, young woman. But that media coverage quickly has since turned against her in a brutal way. Media coverage turned against her because it was discovered by bloggers and Trump supporters that Lauren Batchelder was, in fact, a Jeb Bush volunteer and an intern for New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte. Further, investigations by others into her social media accounts (with full screenshots) reveals that she is a “political groupie”. She has several pictures of herself with Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Chris Christie, and Bernie Sanders. She also posted photos of herself participating in Jeb Bush’s political events.

According to a Google cache of her tweets (Lauren’s Twitter account has since been removed), Lauren originally attempted to defend herself on Twitter of accusations of being a political operative and plant of Jeb Bush. Lauren claimed she was acting of her own accord. The Jeb Bush campaign stated she was simply a volunteer, nothing more. Senator Kelly Ayotte “confirmed to she no longer works with them.”

Looking over Lauren’s LinkedIn resume, posted images, and other screenshots of her social media accounts, it appears she appears to have a flair for the dramatic and running around to various political events inserting herself (volunteering) to get some attention and fame for herself. In one of her tweets, Lauren tweets, “Also with all this new “fame” Prince Harry, I am available”

lauren-batchelder-prince-harryLauren Batchelder wanted to get fame and attention with the “big boys” by publicly going after the “big dog”, Donald Trump on TV. And at the young, tender age of 20-something, Lauren is learning the hard way the consequence of negatively “showboating” and “targeting” someone just to get her 15-minutes of fame. It wasn’t that her questions were necessarily “bad”. But she chose to attack on the national stage for the purpose of showmanship and theatrics, she is now getting a media and political whipping she will not soon forget. Lauren Batchelder ignorantly and naively targeted Donald Trump to make a name for herself and she is now paying the price. And because her not-so-honorable motives have now been revealed, this is a media bruising of her name and reputation she will not soon forget.


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  1. As annoying as I think Trump is, one can’t help but agree with some of his theories on big business. Although I doubt any of his notions about Fair Trade can be implemented he does make some valid and attractive arguments. More annoying are those who amateurishly try to challenge him. The guy has perfected the Put Down and I for one would not like to experience the abuse. Wait…wait…there it is and BAM! The guy simply does not lose a verbal battle. Even more annoying is the notion that any one thinks who they really are can be disguised or kept secret. Jeb Bush blew it. He or someone on his team used little Miss Lauren. I for one would like Trump to debate Gloria Steinem not college students looking for 15 minutes of fame. Now that would be an ass whooping he could not survive.

    Anyway, Lauren took a beating that keeps on repeating for a bunch of old white men. White men rule and she needs to get that through her perty little head.

    • As you know, I am not opposed to anyone speaking out. You have professional reporters who ask tough and challenging questions for a living trying to trip up presidential candidates of both parties. But then you find young people like Lauren who haven’t done shit in their lives trying to be “all that” because they know they are on TV. She was showing this fake outrage.

      If she really wants to make a difference to defeat Trump, she took the stupidest approach. He had the podium and he had control of the stage. She naively thought that no one would check HER background and credentials and would only go after Trump. She has since been proven wrong and found out the hard way.

      To be fair, I don’t think she was a plant or political operative. But she did no favors for the Jeb Bush campaign at all. She embarrassed them because of her showboating. And her social media accounts and many photos did her no favors in this particular context. It was all used against her.

      She thought she was big shit with her crossed arms, hands on the hips, and her bouncy eye-brows. Now, she has gone into hiding now that she brought the media firestorm upon herself. She shut down her Twitter account, locked down her Facebook account, and sanitized her Linkedin account.

      She got her 15-minutes of fame alright. Just not the type she wanted. What a bimbo.

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