Tiffany Bredfeldt v. Todd Greene: Essential Court Documents

This is a compilation of the major court documents surrounding the 2013 Tiffany Bredfeldt v. Todd Greene “prior restraint” court case in the Pima County Superior Court (Tucson, Arizona). I have a personal interest in this case as Todd Greene, website owner of, faces a similarly illegal “prior restraint” court order placed upon him. It was his website that provided me important links to legal papers written by First Amendment legal scholars Eugene Volokh and Aaron H. Kaplan and consequently their assistance with my legal team in Chan v. Ellis. After two years, my team and I ultimately prevailed in Chan v. Ellis and I was fully vindicated by the Georgia Supreme Court.

There is a greater interest in the 2013 Bredfeldt v. Greene case now. Todd Greene is actively engaging in a campaign to garner public support to challenge and overturn the rulings in his case through an appeal.

I have obtained the majority of the numerous court documents filed in this case, organized them, and listed them here in chronological order. Due to the large number of court documents in this case, I elected to be selective in what to list and publish. I have listed the most relevant court documents as it relates to the case and those documents that contained information that was unfairly suppressed by Tiffany Bredfeldt, her husband, Philip Bredfeldt, and her lawyer, Jeffrey A. Marks.

There are clearly two sides of every story and due to Pima County Superior Court Judge Carmine Cornelio’s inappropriate legal rulings and prior restraint orders, Todd Greene’s side and his blogger’s rights and free speech rights continue to be unfairly suppressed. I personally think that the court’s rulings and court order are largely unenforceable and that no District Attorney in their right mind would even attempt to make any possible “violations” by Greene a criminal matter. It would be foolish to even pursue this matter on a civil matter given the fact that Todd is now much more knowledgeable and more connected to First Amendment legal resources by virtue of me, his subscribers, and his readership.

Tiffany Bredfeldt
Tiffany Bredfeldt

I do not know Tiffany Bredfeldt or any of her associates. But if they make one move towards suppressing the publication of this information, they can expect a very strong and public response and rebuttal. As far as I know, none of these court documents were sealed and, hence, a matter of public record. Further, these documents were obtained legally and every effort has been made to publish them completely in its entirety.

However, it is not for me to decide how all of this will ultimately turn out. It is not my fight but I know what I would do. All one needs to do is study my public actions and responses in the Chan v. Ellis affair. I was not a silent adversary that entirely relied on any one resource. I tackled my issue with great vigor and creativity using every legal resource available including the power of publicity, the free press, Google, public supporters, and the First Amendment.

What is very clear to me is that, in this case, I am an outside party unrelated to either side. As an independent reporter, publisher, writer and commentator, I am fully allowed to freely publish every legitimate court document and court filing I obtain and make comments about them. I can also freely share my opinions on the matter. Every reader can make their own judgments about the case.

****  MARCH 2016 UPDATE – It appears this 2013 case has been once again revived by Tiffany Bredfeldt and her lawyer. However, there appears to be a different judge that will be hearing this case.


Tiffany Bredfeldt v. Todd Greene Court Documents (2013)


Todd Greene v. Tiffany Bredfeldt (2010)


Tiffany Bredfeldt v. Todd Greene (2006)


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