The Trump Slapdown of Steve McCoy, Atlanta Radio Host, for Fake Interview

steve-mccoyFor the second time this week, we have another foolish person trying to get attention for themselves by using sleazy, dishonest tactics to attack presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Earlier this week, I wrote about political groupie, Lauren Rose Batchelder, who pretended to be an anonymous young attendee in the audience getting huffy at Donald Trump about “not being a friend to women.” She was outed within hours by bloggers who discovered that she was a political groupie who collected photos of herself with presidential candidates and, in fact, was a Jeb Bush campaign volunteer and an intern of New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte. Needless to say, this caused a great deal of embarrassment to herself, Senator Kelly Ayotte, and the Jeb Bush campaign and was covered by many in mainstream media.

This time around we have Atlanta radio host, Steve McCoy (currently with NewsRadio 106.7), who spoke with Buzzfeed (notorious for having sloppy and heavily-biased “news” stories), that he scored a pre-interview of Donald Trump prior to his political rally in Norcross, Georgia (which I personally attended).

As most people know, the Atlanta radio market and its audience is large. Steve McCoy, in his infinite wisdom, decided to brag about his alleged interview with Donald Trump and made a strong claim that the Trump campaign forbade him from asking any policy questions. Many in mainstream media picked up the story until the Trump campaign rightfully spoke out and released a very pointed statement.

Mediaite and Washington Times (among others) quotes Hope Hicks, spokeswoman for the Trump Campaign,

“This interview did not take place. It is a fraud and/or a spoof. The Trump campaign has never communicated with this man. He said Mr. Trump spoke to him yesterday prior to the debate, Mr. Trump never spoke to him yesterday or any day before that. The radio host admitted it was a fraud to our attorney, apologized and he is now hiding and not returning anyone’s call. This is representative of the dishonesty Mr. Trump faces from the media.”

After considerable pressure on Steve McCoy, he finally admitted to recycling an old interview. What is greatly disturbing is that according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution story,

“A former Star 94 employee who declined to be identified since he is still in the business told me that at Star, repackaging or recycling old celebrity interviews to sound like they were fresh was perfectly acceptable during the time he worked there.”

Are you kidding me? I have no problems with “recycling” or “repackaging” older interviews, but the context of the interview was ENTIRELY CHANGED and made to look like that it was a current Donald Trump interview in the context of Trump’s role as a presidential candidate. As far as I am concerned, Steve McCoy, simply lied in an effort to get attention for himself.

Because Steve McCoy was caught in telling outright lies to the public, he has become an embarrassment for his current employer NewsRadio 106.7 and they have allegedly suspended him indefinitely pending an alleged investigation by the radio station owners.

However, what is also disturbing is that another Atlanta radio host, Gary McKee, allegedly supports Steve McCoy, and is quoted by the Atlanta Journal Constitution,

“Trump, rightfully so, is the biggest story of the biggest election since before the millennium and a talent like Steve naturally was disappointed that Trump failed to show,” McKee said. “Hell yeah, I would have done the same but I never saved anything. Run it and gun it. Reading your blog, it’s clear Steve has sincerely recanted and accepted his punishment. If he’s blown out over THIS event there’s an accomplished bozo somewhere in McCoy’s management chain.”

That is like me saying that because I am “only” a blogger that it is acceptable to intentionally lie and deceive my audience and readership. Honestly, I have a different view of the radio industry now. It seems that there is a culture of “say anything to entertain” even if it is simply untrue.

To be fair, Steve McCoy claims that he had an interview scheduled with Donald Trump but that it didn’t come together. And because of that, he decided to recycle an old interview. It would seem obvious to most people that that is not a good excuse to concoct a story. If someone is going to attack any presidential candidate (especially Donald Trump), you better do so with some basis of truth.

It has been really interesting to see various people and companies step out to fraudulently / misleadingly attack Donald Trump to get their 15-minutes of publicity only to get whacked and put down like mangy dogs.

UPDATE (October 17, 2015): The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) has reported that Steve McCoy has been fired “for obvious reasons” and “no longer works at the (radio) station.” And on a more unfortunate note, another AJC article reports that Steve McCoy is fighting Parkinson’s disease and has been hiding it since 2006.


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