Mar 25 2016

Infamous “Prestigious Pets” Sends Takedown Notice to

I haven’t posted anything for over a month since I have been busy with other projects and my personal life. The last column I posted was from February 20, 2016. It was a relatively short column I wrote commenting on how stupid “Prestigous Pets” of Dallas, Texas was to file a lawsuit against Robert and …

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Feb 20 2016

“Prestigious Pets” Stupidly Sues Customer For Negative Yelp Feedback

At any given time, there is no shortage of topics for me to write about. However, there are certain triggers that motivate me to my keyboard. One of those triggers is any business owner who thinks they are so smart that they want to sue someone into silence for expressing legitimate negative opinions and negative …

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Jan 22 2016

“Doctor” Anjali Ramkissoon of Miami Attacks Uber Driver & Destroys His Car

I don’t normally cover these kinds of stories but sometimes you see something so outrageous, you have to break your own rules.

Here we have a 30-year old entitled, obnoxious bimbo, Anjali Ramkissoon, who is allegedly a doctor in Miami who acts like a bratty, teen-aged girl trying to steal another person’s Uber ride. The …

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Jan 17 2016

Moronic Extortion Letters by Napoleon Hill Foundation & Its Law Firm

I am working on a report to be released later this year on Amazon Kindle that recounts some of my earlier legal experiences and encounters with legal matters as a non-lawyer. One of the stories I have not told in many years is the moronic extortion letters to squelch speech sent to me by …

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Jan 09 2016

Moving the Dialog and Conversation into the Defiantly Forums was launched in 2014 as a response to my inability to freely discuss my own legal case and situation against Dash Poet, Linda Ellis. All the commentary relating to her was ordered removed from (ELI) and I could not use that website to publicly communicate with others. It was an impediment to my …

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Jan 07 2016

John Textor’s Prior Restraint Court Order Overturned by Florida Court of Appeals

I am happy to report that the Florida Court of Appeals (4th District) issued a ruling on January 6, 2016 overturning a prior restraint restraining order signed by Circuit Judge F. Shields McManus. I previously posted John Textor’s obnoxious court order against Alkiviades (Alki) David which effectively removed any of Alki’s ability to speak or …

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Jan 07 2016

John Textor’s Illegitimate Prior Restraint Court Order Against Alkiviades (Alki) David

A Florida restraining order was issued against Alkivaides (Alki) David on September 9, 2014 by Martin County (FL) Circuit Court signed by Circuit Judge F. Shields McManus. It was a clear case of prior restraint that was ultimately overturned on January 6, 2016. I have posted John Textor’s illegitimate Florida restraining order (prior restraint) to …

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Dec 30 2015

Article Index to the Jody Raines / Camden County (NJ) Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga

The Index to Defiantly’s Articles regarding the Jody Raines / Camden County (NJ) Prosecutors vs. Bruce Aristeo Legal Saga.

Brief Summary: The legal saga began in 2011 with a professional relationship between Jody Raines and Bruce Aristeo that evolved into a short-lived personal relationship. After their breakup months later and unresolved disputes, Bruce filed a civil …

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