Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan

From 2003 to 2012, I published and operated under the banner of Ascend Beyond Publishing for my publishing business. Those nine years represented the first phase of my independent publishing career. With the Georgia landmark First Amendment / Internet free speech-crushing case of Ellis v. Chan and then subsequently the Chan v. Ellis appeal unanimous victory with the Georgia Supreme Court, those legal cases marked a critical turning point in my vision of what independent publishing should be. I no longer believed in the vision I once had and have chosen to entirely reboot my publishing business.

I now believe that independent publishing should push the envelope, be cutting-edge, and consist of interesting material and content that fulfill niche interests that no legacy publisher would ever touch or consider.

This reboot of my independent publishing business is now part of this larger website project I have named “Defiantly Publishing”. Defiantly Publishing (along with my pen name Matthew Valor) is now the banner I will write, operate, and publish under going forward. It will be cutting-edge, unconventional, and certainly controversial.

I invite you to check back as I make future announcements of new, upcoming titles under Defiantly Publishing.


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