Chan v. Ellis: Oral Argument Video Posted by Georgia Supreme Court

On October 7, 2014, the Georgia Supreme Court heard oral argument on the Chan v. Ellis appeal case. Representing me (Matthew Chan) was Oscar Michelen and amicus UCLA Law Professor/First Amendment Legal Scholar Eugene Volokh. Representing Linda Ellis was Elizabath W. McBride and amicus Timothy B. McCormack.

The Georgia Supreme Court website has posted the oral argument video for public viewing. I am currently reserving personal commentary for the time being. But believe me, LOTS of personal commentary by me and my supporters will be trickling out in the weeks and months to come. Although I continue to maintain my presence and periodically post on, my best and most brutally frank commentaries will be found here on Defiantly.

Pay close attention to Justices David Nahmias, Harold Melton, and Keith Blackwell in the last 20 minutes. You will find their questioning and comments quite insightful and perhaps even entertaining. Also note their voice inflections and facial expressions.

Please note that this video will only be up for one month for public viewing on the Georgia Supreme Court website. I am in the process of having a copy and transcript of this video made and the video hosted elsewhere for ongoing reference and viewing after the removal of the video from the Georgia Supreme Court website.

UPDATE (November 16, 2014): I have since purchased the DVD video of the Chan v. Ellis Oral Argument from the Georgia Supreme Court. The videos have since been posted on my YouTube and Vimeo accounts. Please visit this post to get access the oral argument videos.


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