Making Linda Ellis (Copyright “Extortionist”) Pay Money to a Victim for a Change

Linda Ellis Money Order

I am happy to announce that I am probably the first “victim” to have ever made Linda Ellis, Author of the Dash Poem, pay real money to one of her victims as partial recompense for the unnecessary aggravation and legal shenanigans she and her side causes and engages in.

Last month, I received a money order from Linda Ellis as payment to recover some of my appellate costs which was entitled to me. It was not an automatic process. I filed a motion in April 2015 asking the court for a judgment against Linda to collect appellate costs, and that motion was incorrectly responded by her lawyer Elizabeth W. (Betsy) McBride in May 2015 claiming a full payment. But because Linda seems to enjoy engaging in passive-aggressive behavior against me (and her lawyer Betsy once again doesn’t check Linda’s “facts”), Linda shorted me payment by $0.01. I took the high road and chose not to have the Court “force” Linda to pay that $0.01. But as far as I am concerned, she still owes me that $0.01. It’s obvious that I don’t really care about that $0.01 as much as getting the facts correct. This is yet one more thing that Linda and Betsy gets wrong.


While I am not one of her copyright extortion victims, I now consider myself a legal victim of Linda Ellis. She managed to get a bogus lifetime stalking protective order against me in 2013 using heavily modified, obscured, distorted, out-of-context forum posts against me (some which I never made to begin with!) to give the impression that I was a physical “danger” to her and her family. She was so desperate to shut me and the ELI Community up by portraying herself in court as a helpless fear-fraught female against me, a boisterous, opinionated, highly-critical, outspoken activist male blogger. And yet, she and her “employee” John W. Jolin, have no problems whatsoever demanding (“extorting”) thousands of dollars from others for the innocent sharing of her poem. They insinuate they “might” file a copyright infringement lawsuit to anyone who don’t pay. With only one exception (against a convict, Aronson, many years ago), she has never successfully filed a copyright infringement lawsuit on anyone.)

The Georgia Supreme Court saw through the bogus story, Linda and her lawyers, Betsy and Timothy B. McCormack were trying to peddle. This was made abundantly clear on October 7, 2014 when these two so-called lawyers made a ridiculously embarrassing and poor showing at the Chan v. Ellis oral argument.

The difference between me and 97% of her legally ignorant, cowardly victims is that I refuse to shut up and stay silent. After all these years, it has only been my friend and author of “Poetic Justice”, April Brown, and a very few special individuals who has ever spoken out in a big way and make a stand against Linda and Jackass John W. Jolin. Many of Linda’s victims will forever stay her victims by the ridiculous cowering in fear of her and Jackass Jolin. I, on the other hand, am not fearful of Linda or John. Even when I was under the protective order, I was aggravated and pissed at them, not fearful. To find out more about John Jolin’s latest shenanigans, I encourage you to visit for the latest discoveries uncovered by Robert Krausankas.

My appeal case was not a silent affair where I huddled in a small, dark room depending and praying for my lawyer to miraculously save me. I was entirely active and deeply involved throughout the entire two-year process. I did not let a detail like my being a non-lawyer from getting into the trenches. I had eyes, ears, brain, mouth, telephone, computer, keyboard, email, and Internet connection, I was going to use everything I had access to.  I was not passive. I was constantly thinking, analyzing, brainstorming, strategizing, and trying out offbeat ideas to fight back.

Linda hated all the critical and insulting dialog on the Linda Ellis / Linda Lyrics / Dash Poem Letter Forum launched in 2012.  She managed (through her court-submitted evidence manipulations) to shut that forum down in March 2013. (It has since been restored as a READ-ONLY forum in April 2015). But because of my unanimous legal win at the Georgia Supreme Court, this stage of the legal fight is over. However, I do not take things for granted. Linda is probably pissed that she had to pay my appellate costs and I am guessing that is why she shorted me $0.01. If it was an intentional passive-aggressive act on her part, it has obviously backfired. My supporters and I remain vigilant. It is never over until it is truly over.

I do not trust Linda or her lawyers, My supporters help me maintain a watchful eye on them. I think they should know by now if they want to reinstate any legal or reputational attacks against me or my team in any way, they can expect us to rally and engage in a very hard and public fight.

Linda may have been legally ignorant in some aspects of the ordeal we went through but her two lawyers SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER. This was ENTIRELY PREVENTABLE. They were either too STUPID or they tried to TAKE ADVANTAGE of me as a non-lawyer. I think I have shown that I might be a legally-uneducated non-lawyer but I managed to rally pretty well by being determined, creative, and resourceful. As I said two years ago, I don’t fight alone. And if I do have to fight alone, it won’t necessarily be pretty.

I may not be a copyright extortion victim of Linda’s but her copyright extortion victims can take some solace that someone (me!) was finally able to make Linda pay real money for her years of legally intimidating and financially extorting people. The image of that Linda Ellis’ money order payment to me will be preserved for many years to come.

Make no mistake, what she paid me is a tiny reimbursement compared to the collective time, energy, and resources that was gathered and galvanized to get to this stage.


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  1. I wish I could have been a fly on her shoulder the day she had to buy THAT money order. Of course, that payment is ten times less than what her victims pay. My goal is NO MORE EXTORTION PAYMENTS for copyright troll Linda Ellis.

    • If we were in any other state besides Georgia, the court transcript costs would have been included as an appellate costs. Unfortunately, a very close split-vote in a 1972 Georgia Supreme Court case disallows court transcript costs as an appellate cost. Linda got very lucky here or she would have had to pay me close to $900!

  2. This must have been the ultimate cringe factor for Ellis!

    Shorting you a penny…hmmm.
    Call me cynical but I am seeing a “fuck you”.
    (opinion of course).

    Seems that for that amount, she got off extremely EASY
    considering all costs involved with legal help and trips made
    to Georgia on your behalf!

    • Peevey,

      If it was meant as a “fuck you” to me, it has made Betsy look stupid again because Betsy INCORRECTLY asserted and signed her name (on Linda’s behalf) to the pleading that stated Linda made full payment. As far as I am concerned, that $0.01 “mistake” is CLOSE to full payment but it is NOT full payment. It is just one more thing to add to my list.

      • I got you…if Ellis did do it on purpose, McBride did
        not catch it.

        Thanks for explaining under April regarding transcript
        costs. I knew that it cost you a hell of a lot more than
        what Ellis paid back! That does not begin to cover
        what it cost Oscar as well!

  3. this is a wonderful post! rock on sister. please email me if you can… have a Q and I don’t want it public. will AT stonefour DOT COM. thanks for the breakdown and your fearless attitude!

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