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It’s not a secret that I am an avid reader, student, and fan of Eugene Volokh, his First Amendment works, and, of course, his Volokh Conspiracy commentaries hosted by Washington Post. It’s also not a secret that my “free speech adventures” as an independent blogger writing about legal controversies has attracted some unintended consequences and brushes with the legal system. Probably the most notable case I have been involved in was the Chan v. Ellis appeal (2013-2015) with the Georgia Supreme Court. That is how I first became acquainted with Eugene.

Eugene Volokh, representing the EFF, wrote an amicus brief in support of my position in September 2014. Eugene also worked closely with my appellate lawyer, Oscar Michelen, in their oral argument to the Georgia Supreme Court on October 7, 2014. We unanimously won the case in the Georgia Supreme Court on March 27, 2015.

More recently, I am trying to clean up the Patel v. Chan mess in Baltimore City Circuit Court that began with Suwanee Georgia dentist, Mitul R. Patel. In August 2016, Patel (a tremendous snake of epic proportions, hisssss…..) tried to secretly remove my negative Yelp review about Patel’s dental practice . I told Eugene about the situation and he connected me with Public Citizen’s Paul Alan Levy. (It should be known that Paul has been very aggressive uncovering Richart Ruddie’s Profile Defenders consent order scam and the clients responsible for hiring him.) Eugene has written about the Baltimore City Patel v. Chan case, the subsequent connection to Profile Defenders, Richart Ruddie, and other fraudulent defendant cases.

In October 2016, Eugene was kind, gracious, and surprised me with his “tip of the hat” post. In January 2017, Eugene wrote about my skirmish with a Getty Images lawyer in France.

Over time, I have discovered that Eugene and I have common interests in the areas of online free speech, wrongful libel and speech restriction cases, wrongful cyber-harassment/cyber-stalking cases, fake takedown orders, fake defendant cases, fraudulently-obtained court orders, and other issues.

Eugene is a prolific blogger on the Volokh Conspiracy. In fact, most of the bloggers associated with Volokh Conspiracy are prolific bloggers themselves. Collectively, they have written thousands of posts over the years. It can be challenging to find and refer back to specific posts Eugene has written. I frequently find myself trying to go back and find specific or related posts Eugene has written to re-read and refer to but it is overwhelming trying to search through hundreds of posts.

Fortunately, Eugene tags his posts which make it somewhat easier to search.  But unfortunately, there is no easy way for normal readers click and access those tags directly from the Washington Post website. But I have compiled a list of tags and direct links for myself to help find related posts I am interested in. People who read the topics I cover here on Defiantly might find my my direct links to Eugene’s topic-specific posts helpful to them.

Posts related to:

There are other tags he uses but I only listed the tags and links related to online speech.


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