Timothy B. McCormack Tries to Shut Down Matthew’s First Amendment Rights

In this 9-minute video, Seattle Attorney Timothy B. McCormack tries to convince the Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court (in the Chan v. Ellis appeals case) why I cannot be allowed to exercise my First Amendment rights to speak out against copyright extortionists such as he and Linda Ellis, poet-author of the Dash Poem, anywhere on the Internet. He shows his legal ignorance and desperation to shut me down.

He flew in from Seattle to Atlanta for the sole purpose to try to legally shut me up on a website I own and operate. Does he think we live in China or North Korea?

This video speaks volumes about him, his legal knowledge, his intelligence, and his supposed talents as a lawyer. Also, note the tone, questions, comments, and reactions from the Justices of the Georgia Supreme Court.

If this 9-minute video intrigues you and you want to watch more, visit the Chan v. Ellis Georgia Supreme Court Oral Argument video page for other video segments or the complete, uninterrupted 41-minute video.


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Matthew is the Publisher and Editor of Defiantly.net. He is also the Founder, Editor, and Host for ExtortionLetterInfo.com. Matthew is the author of several business books & audio programs. He is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and First Amendment advocate.

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  1. I agree with you Matthew, Mr. McCormack had no business injecting himself in this case to begin with. He should stick to just sending out his copyright extortion letters for Getty as trying to actually argue a case seems to be way above his pay-grade.

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