Asks: Why Does the Dash Poet Keeping Taunting Her Supposed Stalker?

cabalaw-headerGreg Troy, blogger of, has written a very informative blog post with a provocative title, “If Linda Ellis Is Afraid of Matthew Chan As She Claims, Why Does She Keep Taunting Him?”

Before I begin, I want to do a full disclosure that Greg is a friend of mine, ExtortionLetterInfo (ELI) forum administrator & moderator, and a member of the ELI Support Team. I did not ask or instruct him to write this blog post. He did this of his own volition and only shared it with me after he was nearly completed. To be sure, I am grateful for his friendship and ongoing support of me and ELI. I have forewarned him that he places himself at some degree of “reputational risk” by publicly associating his name with mine as well as our mutual support of April Brown, author of “Poetic Justice”.

However, Greg is fearless, loyal, and has chosen to stand by me in my uphill battle to overturn the permanent protective order currently in effect against me. The Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, after firing her veiled threats and warnings to April in an effort to dissuade her from releasing her book, she has now turned her attention to me, her legal nemesis, to retaliate because of my outspoken support and loyalty to April Brown and her book project.

Greg has previously come out in support of April and her book in addition to helping defend April against the Dash Poet’s “smear-and-shame” campaign that appears to have subsided for the time being.

Greg, in his anger over watching has been happening with April and me, enters the fray and unleashes his story recounting some of the significant and dramatic Dash Poet events since 2012. Greg’s post is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn the history of the Dash Poet’s battle with me, April, and ELI. Certainly, many of you have read my version of recent and past events but it is always fascinating to read what someone else writes about you and their recollections. Remember, Greg is a friend but I didn’t write his blog post. This is all his baby and he has a good story to tell.

Greg has “come out” with certain events that I was reluctant to discuss like the recent “shirtless” video incident. Greg came out with it because he knew I was angry about the distortion of the context of the “shirtless” video from a few years ago when I was testing the UStream video streaming service. I didn’t discuss it because it appeared the Dash Poet took down the video very quickly. She took it down so quickly I didn’t have a chance to make a copy of that video. The clip she used was an extremely poor version of the original which has been long deleted. As Greg pointed out, that video “conveniently” blocks out much of the context and description of the video. Fortunately, there was enough to make out what it’s true purpose was, to test a video streaming service, not some secret sex-related video as was seemingly implied by the Dash Poet.

Anyone that knows Greg knows that he is a respectful, polite, mild-mannered guy. But under that demeanor lies a man that isn’t afraid to speak his mind, taking up a cause, and making a stand to support his friends. For that, I am grateful for his loyalty and friendship.

I could write more but I won’t for now. All I want to do is make sure you take the time to read Greg’s provocatively-named post, “If Linda Ellis Is Afraid of Matthew Chan As She Claims, Why Does She Keep Taunting Him?” which is actually quite on the mark.


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