The Courage & Fortitude of April Brown, Author of “Poetic Justice”

poetic justiceIt has been totally unexpected that the Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, began her one-woman campaign against April Brown as “warnings” to be cautious in what she writes about Ms. Ellis in the book “Poetic Justice”. It goes without saying that stating opinions, no matter how disagreeable or politically incorrect it might be, is perfectly legal. It is also perfectly appropriate for an author like April to convey stories told to her by other victims of the The Dash Poem Extortion Scheme.

What is interesting is the direct approach Ms. Ellis is taking and the fortitude of April to stand up against her and even ALLOW Ms. Ellis’ outspoken protests, declarations, and veiled threats to release potentially unflattering personal information. Ms. Ellis is well within her rights to publish any unflattering information about April she might have. But April also does not have to allow Ms. Ellis protestations all over April’s websites and social media accounts. April has every right to delete all Ms. Ellis comments and ban her from visiting any of April’s websites and accounts and essentially give her the digital boot out.

What is unusual and courageous is that April appears to be taking a stand and allowing Ms. Ellis to “do her worse”. All the while, April is directly engaging Ms. Ellis. Honestly, I have an online reputation for being controversial, unpleasant, and being a hard-ass but I am not sure I would or could allow an “enemy” into my web space to say whatever they want as April has.

I admire April for taking a strong stand and directly confronting “the enemy” and challenging her to do her worse. April has her supporters and friends. I consider myself one of them. It appears a hornet’s nest has been stirred. The question is whose nest is being stirred here?  Is it Ms. Ellis’ or is it April’s nest that is being stirred?

The Dash Poet lives a hypocritical life and actively hides the details of her copyright extortion victims. She pitifully tries to put up a Chinese wall between her poetry marketing business and the highly profitable copyright extortion business. It only works because much of clientele are probably happy to live in la-la land being “inspired” by a woman who actively uses heavily-Photoshopped 15-20 year old photos on her websites.  But I digress. I am of the opinion the copyright extortion business is highly lucrative and profitable to be able to support the livelihood of “copyright henchman”, John W. Jolin. Having met and questioned him face-to-face in court, he is definitely not a minimum wage guy.  He needs to make more money to sustain his impressively “roundish” physical stature. He is not a dumb guy (mostly).

The Dash Poet delicately informs her “snowflake and butterfly” readership that she is engaging in the legal activity of copyright enforcement. What she doesn’t inform them is that she asks for $7,500 a pop going after churches, non-profits, medical/dental practices, funeral homes, and other organizations that are drawn to the Dash Poem. Nearly everyone I speak to cringes at the notion of paying up to $7,500 for unintentionally infringing on a poem by sharing it. There is a lot of wisdom in April’s mantra “Beware, Don’t Share” especially when it comes to the Dash Poem. To do so, invites too much unpleasantness of dealing with Mr. & Mrs. Shrek (Jolin & Ellis).

Ms. Ellis wants to play dumb and innocent and can’t understand the outrage and disdain April Brown (and many others including myself) finds what she does and asks for extortionate. Let us not forget that John W. Jolin regularly lies on behalf of Ms. Ellis for a living threatening to “escalate” matters in a game of chicken with legally ignorant Dash Poem victims that are already ripe to be victimized because of their innate fear of speaking out and conflict, in general.

April Brown has and continues to do more for Dash Poem Extortion victims working for free than I can ever or be willing to do. I simply find it difficult to respect some of the victims who are too legally ignorant to stand up for themselves and speak out in a country where free speech is a protected right.

Once again, April is doing something I am not sure I could do, go head to head with her “enemy” and letting that enemy sound off on April”s website and social media accounts. I think it takes a good amount of courage and internal fortitude to withstand the presence of an enemy. However, perhaps the true reward for April will come when the Dash Poet meets Streisand and the Dash Poet inadvertently helps promote the very book she wants to prevent from ever being released.

There is no question, the Dash Poet will be among the first customers to buy a copy to find out what has been written about her and what secrets have been uncovered. I have read several drafts and there are good stories to read.


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  1. Thanks for your support Matthew. I would not compare Linda Ellis to the fanatic religious leader Jim Jones, but I do see a resemblance with her followers. I can just about guarantee not a single one has bothered to read about the real Linda Ellis. Further, these spiritual giants have wished me ill-will and even death by cancer. I’ve often wondered that aside for their hate for me, how do they support a fake and how to they ignore her victims. Do they not know that Linda essentially registers every victim when she sends them an extortion letter. I don’t write those letters and I had no idea who Peter Burwash was until she went after him. If you don’t know who Peter Burwash is, then you are missing out on a great guy. I’ve met the most amazing, kind and motivated “victims” because of that letter. So even if I were to drop dead tomorrow, as long as Linderellis and Humpty Dumpty keep sending those letters she will continue to grow enemies. I’m no Martin Luther King, but I am the gal who shines his shoes. I know what doing good is and any good Linda Ellis does is obliterated by the mountain of suffering she causes. She can keep on attacking me, but the feathers will never go back in to The Dash Extortion pillow.

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