Shares The “Many Faces” of the Dash Poet

EFF Free Speech
EFF Free Speech

Robert Krausankas of with his inimitable sense of humor has been watching the heated throwdown between Dash Poet (Linda Ellis) on one side vs. April Brown (Author of “Poetic Justice”) and myself, on the other side. He created an amusing collage of photos of the “many faces” of our favorite Dash Poet.  My favorite part of the photo is the one of the little figure on the far left with the green hair.

As a matter of disclosure, Robert Krausankas is a friend to me, April, and Greg Troy (which automatically makes Robert a future target of the Dash Poet). Robert has the distinction of being co-host of many episodes of “The ELI Factor” including the infamous Episode 9 where the Dash Poet is currently “seeding” online  a highly-edited, out-of-context 60-second rant from the infamous 33-minute episode. Robert is also an ELI Forums Administrator & Moderator and a member of the ELI Support Team.

This was and continues to be Robert’s humorous response to my online rants:

Robert being the HERO web host provider that he is, said this publicly two years ago.

Robert is a tougher defender of website owner rights than most. Kudos to him for making a stand.


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