Supports “Poetic Justice” Author Against Dash Poet’s “Smear-and-Shame” Websites

poetic justiceGreg Troy, blogger of & ELI Team Member, is jumping into the fray of defending and speaking out against Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, in support of “Poetic Justice” author, April Brown regarding the “smear-and-shame” website I was only made aware of his most recent article “Linda Ellis Launches Smear Campaign against April Brown” after he wrote it.

Greg recaps the history of the Dash Poet’s history of copyright extortion and providing links to copies of victim-contributed $7,500 Dash Poem extortion letters.

More disturbingly, Greg brings to light and offers the public a reminder of the Dash Poet’s prior history of using disturbing and perhaps Google-inappropriate practice of using the Google Adword Program as a mechanism to “market” her “smear-and-shame” website,, against April using the phrase “April Brown Auctioneer”. I confess it is a “bold” move that I would not engage in because I prefer to remain in good standing with Google. It seems like something Google might cancel and close an account over but I am not an expert on how the Google Ads program works. However, the Dash Poet seems willing to spend her money to fund a Google advertising program in an attempt to smear April’s business reputation.

Greg recounts his story of observing the Dash Poet posting on April’s own “Get Poetic Justice” Facebook page as well as his directly challenging the Dash Poet on that page if she would allow him to post on the Dash Poet’s own Facebook Fan page if he promised to be entirely accurate with his fact. He says his question went unanswered.

Greg offers his own interesting perspective and insights in to the Dash Poet’s recent “smear-and-shame” website. I highly recommend everyone read his article for yourself in support of April Brown.


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