The Dash Poet’s Desperate Attempts to “Marry” April Brown (“Poetic Justice” Author) to Me

poetic justiceIt seems I just can’t stay away from April Brown, author of “Poetic Justice”. There seems to be something new happening almost every day for the past week that requires me to discuss or write about April. Before too long, people are going to think I have an “obsession” for April. For now, the current accusation by the Dash Poet is that April is “obsessed” with her because April decided to write a book about her. My thinking is that when your email inbox and phone rings nearly every week for the last two years from strangers wanting to complain about the Dash Poet, her henchman John W. Jolin, or one of her nasty $7,500 extortion letters, it doesn’t make it easy to ignore. There is just something a tad bit annoying about listening to unhappy stories from people being scared into paying thousands of dollars just because you liked a poem enough to post on a website.

It also doesn’t help that my legal battle has been going on for two years of which April felt partially responsible (she’s not) that I got hit with this ordeal. April cannot help that we have a legally uninformed boob of a poet that has little PR sense that you don’t try to sue a website owner for posts SOMEONE ELSE makes or when someone says something disagreeable and hurts her feelings. Bad things happen when you try that sort of nonsense in a courtroom and it gets found out. The interwebs absolutely HATE it. The Dash Poet has gotten a spanking by the tech media for it.

As obnoxious and “potty-mouthed” as I occasionally can be, people hate copyright extortionists a whole lot more. My biggest “crime” is that I speak out too loudly and obnoxiously against copyright extortionists. I call them names, make fun of them, and I am just mean to them online. I hurt their feelings by writing about their ongoing shenanigans and report publicly-accessible information. And the Dash Poet still does the “stalkie-talkie” trying to convince her airy-fairy, artsy-fartsy, behind-the-Chinese-wall readership of how she is so frightened of me and needs to take a stand against “cyberbullies”. All the while, she loves to get her little digs in on me trying to ding my credibility and reputation.

Oh sure, after being single for years and meeting scores of women without ever having one “stalking” accusation, I am suddenly going to start “stalking” some random older woman in a city I don’t live in and have never met because I am bored. Sure, that is believable. I am the only “stalker” in this world who never visited, met, phoned, emailed, faxed, text-messaged, or social media-ed their alleged victim.

When people ask me “what is the deal with the stalking stuff?  I tell them that some woman in Marietta who sends $7,500 extortion letters to people for sharing a poem didn’t like it when I started “talking lots of shit” online in trying to help a guy with a $100,000 extortion letter. It’s kind of amazing how quickly they hop off the “stalkie-talkie” part to a WTF reaction over $7,500 letters for sharing a poem online much less a $100,000 letter. So, yeah, I am THAT GUY the Dash Poet constantly “cries” about during her “stalkie-talkie” sessions of how fearful she is.

And although I already have a wonderful girlfriend, the Dash Poet is trying to “matchmaker” me and April to make us a permanent item by “marrying” us online. If you look at the “language warning” clip, you can see how my friend, Robert, and I having a video conference in that “harassment” video? Well, according to the Dash Poet, April is somehow responsible for my rants in that video and it is part of her larger conspiracy although she isn’t anywhere in that video when we made the recording. And Robert and I dared to make the video without any involvement or permission from April. That became my supposed “harassment” video.

april-matt-marriageI suppose April and I can have an online relationship while my current girlfriend and I have an offline one. I should probably confess that I am also a part-time gigolo for April. April is always offering to pay me to provide business services for her. *wink* She sometimes outright gives me money when she is in the mood without ever being asked. How wonderful is a woman like that? She likes to help pay for my expenses such as court costs, travel expenses, office expenses, etc. (most of my lawyer fees were free for me thanks to my legal advisor, Oscar Michelen and First Amendment legal scholar, Eugene Volokh).

April is pretty generous so maybe I probably SHOULD let the Dash Poet “marry” April to me. There are far worse women to be associated with I can assure you. What do all of you think?  Should I allow the “Dash Poet” to marry April to me or should I take steps to “break up” with April? What a freaking pickle I am now in. How the hell do I get out of this relationship with April? *wink*


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