April Brown’s Book Trailer “Poetic Justice: The True Story Behind the Dash” Released

poetic justiceOn January 30, 2015, April Brown, released on YouTube a colorful, humorous, and rather entertaining book trailer for her book, “Poetic Justice”.  However, under the color, animation, and humor lies a very real and serious message.

Normally, I would not write a blog post over an ordinary book trailer but April, in her own inimitable style, has created a very special book trailer.  It is short, informative, easy to understand, and encapsulates April’s (and others’) experience of innocently sharing Linda Ellis’ Dash Poem.

I stand by April’s message that Ellis’ viral Dash Poem has a dark, ugly, and financially catastrophic consequence to anyone who foolishly shares that poem in print within a newsletter, book, or a website.

I also endorse April’s advice in the video:

  1. Do take down the Dash Poem.
  2. Do not respond to any demands for payment.
  3. Do not be afraid. (I would also add another sentence to this point, “Get Educated”)
  4. Do tell the world.

Do yourself a favor. Watch the video. Get educated. And do share this video. I promise you April will not send you any letters demanding $7,500. In fact, she will be happy if you shared the video FREELY.



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