Wants to Help Dash Poem Demand Letter Victims for FREE!

cabalaw-headerGreg Troy of is on a roll this week. He has made a stunning public offer to help victims of the Linda’s Lyrics / Dash Poem Extortion Letter for FREE. In Greg’s recent article titled: You Received Linda Ellis’ Dash Poem Settlement Demand Letter. Now What? Copyright Anti-Bullying Act Wants to Help. (As a side note, I created the The “Linda Ellis / Linda’s Lyrics / Dash Poem Copyright Infringement Letter” Resource Page that assembles various web resources for anyone needing information on the subject. Greg’s newest article has been added to that page.)

In his latest article, Greg outlines the major options every Linda’s Lyrics / Dash Poem extortion letter victim should consider. They include calming down and getting educated, then get mad and fight back with complaint letters, and finally getting qualified legal counsel. Both he and I highly recommend Oscar Michelen for legal representation. There is no lawyer more qualified to go up against Linda Ellis and her offensive and greedy copyright enforcement operation than Oscar. In fact, Oscar is currently my lead attorney in my legal battle against Linda Ellis herself to overturn a local court’s overreaching protective order.

What makes Greg unique from other solutions discussed by others (including myself) in the past is that he wants to spearhead a letter-writing campaign to the appropriate government agencies, namely the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection against the Dash Poem copyright enforcement operation. Greg has had good success with his efforts against Getty Images on (ELI) with the ELI Forums. In fact, Greg holds the special distinction of leading “An Experiment Against Getty”, the longest single thread of discussion on ELI ever (currently at 18-pages). It all centered around his efforts to spearhead that letter-writing campaign against Getty Images and their girlie-lawyer, Timothy B. McCormack, which caused a great deal of annoyance and heartache for Getty Images. It is all entirely legal and a wonderful exercise in the First Amendment when angry people band together in a common cause to make public complaints about a much larger, more powerful, and legally threatening adversary.

Unfortunately, the Linda’s Lyrics / Dash Poem Letter Forum on the ELI Forums was ordered taken down in March 2013 (now being aggressively appealed with the Georgia Supreme Court), it would have hosted that online discussion. For now, Greg is taking this project on entirely independent of ELI resources.

Greg is often highly underestimated due to his low-key, diplomatic, easy-going demeanor. But when provoked, as Linda has clearly done with her recent cyber-strafing of his online web and social media accounts, in addition to her online attacks of me and April Brown, author of “Poetic Justice”. Greg is now making this letter-writing campaign his pet project. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost. It is my opinion (I haven’t asked him) that Greg is seeking to bankrupt the ugly and greedy Dash Poem copyright extortion operation once and for all. I could be wrong but far be it for me to stand in Greg’s way.

On a selfish note, it is kind of nice to see others take up a sword in this fight. For a long time, it was just April and I taking most of the arrows from her. It should be interesting to see Greg’s results in the weeks and months to come.


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