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cabalaw-headerGreg Troy, of, has come out with his most informative post yet relating to our favorite Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, and her smear campaign against me and April Brown, author of “Poetic Justice”. The succinct title of his recent post is “Who is Stalking Whom?” Of course, none of the information Greg provided would be necessary if the Linda’s Lyrics / Dash Poem Letter Forum on the (ELI) Forums was not ordered taken down by court order (now under appeal).

In the absence of that valuable resource, Greg decided to shed some light into the history of what is currently an online war with me, Greg, Robert Krausankas of, and April Brown on one side and the Dash Poet using an “anonymous” account named “Good Prevails” on the other.

Greg’s article largely speaks for itself. However, I did find some interesting nuggets from all the screenshots Greg captured and shared. It appears that on the day that the Dash Poet conducted a “cyber-strafing run” on Greg’s various business online accounts, she made a total of 12 hits to his Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and WordPress accounts. There were two Google+ posts, two YouTube comments, one Tweet, two Facebook posts, and five WordPress comments. Based on the time-stamps I saw, it occurred approximately from 3:25pm to 3:40pm (15-minute span) using mostly cut-and-paste types of posts, nearly all of them included her 60-second clip of my online rant from the 9th Episode of The ELI Factor and  her snide and snarky remarks.

goodprevails-wordpressPrior to this incident, some of us suspected that the Dash Poet was posting “anonymously” using the handle “Good Prevails”. This is in keeping with her prior pattern of online behavior. However, we never had “proof” it was actually her, just a strong suspicion. However, if you look at Greg’s WordPress screenshot, it clearly shows the IP address ( of the commenter and the “Good Prevails” email address ( that is typically hidden. (Note: Click on image to magnify.) is a nice online tool that queries six IP address databases and reports on approximately where the IP address originates and the Internet Service Provider (ISP). When I input, the screenshot to the left was the result that was displayed. I think the screenshot speaks for itself. Nearly all of the IP address databases report that the IP address that WordPress recorded from Greg’s website came from Marietta, Georgia with AT&T as the ISP. (Note: Click on image to magnify.)



greg-facebook(UPDATE: This Facebook screenshot was provided after release of the first version of my article.) In this screenshot provided by Greg, we see the Dash Poet makes no efforts to disguise her identity with these two posts on Greg’s business Facebook account with, of course, her links to her YouTube clip of me. The whole idea is that she wants to “expose” his clients to Greg’s association with me.

Does anyone else besides me find her wording amusing? The words used in her Facebook posts to Greg certainly doesn’t sound much like those coming from a poet, does it? (Note: Click on image to magnify.)



Next up, we have Greg’s screenshot of his Twitter account, that clearly identifies the Dash Poet herself along with a photo! I don’t think it gets much more clear that it was her. (Note: Click on image to magnify.)

When you look at the big picture and see someone making 12 posts and comments across someone’s business web accounts, you have to wonder what exactly is the point and how will that serve her? Is this supposed to be a hint or a veiled threat to Greg to beware his decision to publicly be my friend and supporter? If that is the case, she is late to the party. I already forewarned him.  Greg already knows an awful lot about me and yet, stunningly, he is still a loyal friend, supporter, and volunteer.

My guess is that the Dash Poet won’t like this very much. It must be very perplexing to her why I have such strong and loyal support. Some might say, there is no accounting for bad taste in friends or it might be my “cult leader” status and influence on people! *wink* I try not to think too hard about it. I am grateful for the smart and capable people who lend their names to be my friends and supporters.

Admittedly, the information and screenshots Greg provided are largely circumstantial evidence. However, we are not in a court of law trying a criminal case.  We are dealing with a civil matter using common sense. It is clear to us that it has been the Dash Poet herself all along cyber-strafing Greg’s online accounts (within 15-minutes) as well as bouncing through the interwebs leaving her “stalkie-talkie” comments about me.

She has long been riding the horse that I am a “stalker”. She has been riding and grinding that horse so hard, you would think she was a nympho trying to kill the horse. Well, as Greg asked, “Who is Stalking Whom” here? She goes into April’s “Get Poetic Justice” Facebook page and leaves her inane marks there. She bounces around the interwebs “seeding” her pathetic, out-of-context clip of me, making a fool out of herself.  And now, she wants to cyber-strafe Greg’s accounts in the hopes Greg might back down?

Also for a poet, she certainly has a way with words.

“Dude work must be slow since you have so much time to spend defending your best friend, stalker. This is free speech and I KNOW how you are an advocate, so I’m sure it will be left here. Screenshot taken so after you delete, we can show you how much you believe in free speech. Here’s you (sic) good good buddy in action:…”

Apparently, her lawyer didn’t explain that free speech doesn’t mean you get to invade someone else’s online accounts with their unwanted speech.  It means you stay on your fucking side of the fence or you go to a place where the public is allowed to make such speech, not on someone’s privately-owned website. Greg has the absolute right to kick anyone out off of his website. April was the only one that allowed the Dash Poet’s drivel on her “Get Poetic Justice” Facebook page.  Although admittedly, April wanted to show the world the idiotic behavior by the Dash Poet.

It’s kind of funny how the Dash Poet “threatens” to take screenshots of her comments to Greg’s business website but it is Greg who has HAPPILY taken his own screenshots and disseminating it to whoever wants to see them or report on them.

I highly recommend everyone interested in this “online war” to read Greg’s post, “Who is Stalking Whom?” You decide for yourself.


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