ELI Support Team Bands Together to Fight Back Dash Poet’s Propaganda

DSCN1528I guess it is an official foursome. Robert Krausankas of Copyright-Trolls.com has once again released his latest post about the Dash Poet, Linda Ellis, entitled, “Poet” Linda Ellis has an Obsession Issue”. Robert’s post includes ALL of the Dash Poet’s “cyber-strafing” screenshots that I commented on.

It appears clear that Robert has chosen to publicly stand alongside me, April Brown, and Greg Troy in speaking out and fighting back the Dash Poet smear propaganda that was first directed at April in an effort to dissuade her from releasing her book, “Poetic Justice”, and myself for my outspoken support of April.

Weeks ago, the Dash Poet released a group photo of us in an attempt to embarrass or shame us into silence. That clearly did not work.

Given the good-looking, fabulous foursome we are (the Dash Poet calls us “cyberbullies” because we speak out about and against her nasty copyright extortion habits against unknowing victims), I thought I would share our happy photos when we all met and hung out as a group for the very first time in Atlanta on October 7, 2014.


This last photo is the four of us with the ELI Legal Team!

We are not these “faceless” people behind the keyboard. All four us (April, Robert, Greg, and I) are all intelligent, quick-thinking, independent-minded, outspoken entrepreneurs who have chosen to band together as a team to take action, fight, and stand for a common cause using our respective talents and skill sets.

Thanks to the Dash Poet’s legal actions and public attacks against me since 2013, the ELI Team has never been stronger, closer, or formidable.


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Matthew is the Publisher and Editor of Defiantly.net. He is also the Founder, Editor, and Host for ExtortionLetterInfo.com. Matthew is the author of several business books & audio programs. He is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, and First Amendment advocate.


  1. She doesn’t seem to realize that the more she tries to hurt us and stop us from legitimately and honestly reporting on her settlement demand letter program the more people and organizations want to join us. She files a PPO and gets her thread removed from ELI then in addition to Oscar we have Bill McKenney, Darren Summerfield, Eugene Volokh, the EFF join us and countless news articles supporting us.

    Her last round of attacks on you posting her highly edited and out of context video of you all over the interwebs netted us a new ally in RestrainingOrderAbuse.com.

    I would nominate Linda as an ELI defense team member since she is doing as much to help our cause as the rest of us. It wouldn’t work since she would not be able to say her own name on the site until we win the appeal, I guess she may be able to do if she used her “Good Prevails” handle.

    • That is all true. I had not communicated with Todd at RestrainingOrderAbuse.com (ROA) for awhile. I didn’t even know he was following my appeal that closely until he notified me that the Dash Poet was leaving her cookie crumb trail there! As it turns out, she did me a favor in getting Todd and I reacquainted. In fact, we now have the Protective & Restraining Order (PRO) Abuse Forum launched on ELI. http://www.extortionletterinfo.com/forum/protective-restraining-order-abuse-forum/

      It is an experimental forum project to see if his readership wants to join ELI since our team is well-versed in matters of protective/restraining orders as it relates to the First Amendment.

      Not only that, I will be a guest blogger on ROA and I wrote a special editorial for his audience. He is reviewing what I wrote and hopefully he will be posting it soon.

  2. Linda Elli’s latest rampage has convinced me that I am NOT the FIRST person to take her on. I am fairly confident that other’s have tried to along the way and gave up. It appears to me that she never bothers to identify WHO she sends these extortion letters too. Yes, people are grieving. Yes, some are dying. Yes, some are dead. Yes, some are busy entreprenuers with more important things to deal with. Yes, some are people who lead churches, charities, schools and foundation. Yes, some are in the media. And I’ve even talked to a few who fall into multiple categories. Most are well-educated even scholarly but when faced with the constant barrage of false DMCA notices, slander websites and public attacks the nuisance is just that, a nuisance and at some point, people just want to be rid of this dolt.

    Linda may not KNOW her victims, but I do. She can pound away at Matthew Chan, Greg Troy, Robert Krausankus, and others til the cows come home. We freedom fighters are supported by a not so silent army now and The Dash poet’s arsenal is nothing more than a stash of smoke grenades and wadcutters.

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