Robert Heinlein’s Quote About a Poet’s “Nasty Habits”

cabalaw-headerGreg Troy, of, brought to our attention a very amusing quote from the great science-fiction writer, Robert Heinlein, in his book, “Time Enough For Love” (1978).

“A poet who reads his verse in public may have other nasty habits.”

It made us think with great laughter and amusement of the Dash Poet, Linda Ellis.

Within his work, “Time Enough For Love” (1978) , Mr. Heinlein shared that quote during a literary intermission (an intentional and momentary break and escape from the main story within the book).

It appears that before the Dash Poet ever came on the scene some 20 years later, Mr. Heinlein made an observation and statement about poets he knew or knew of at that time. Today, nearly 40 years later after Mr. Heinlein wrote that passage, we find it quite appropriate and applicable to the Dash Poet.


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